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    Patronus Lucid

    by , 12-25-2016 at 01:14 AM (211 Views)
    I become lucid. I am walking down a path, attempting to remember the TOTM. I remember the advanced task(spin and teleport somewhere random). I decide not to because I am attempting to walk somewhere.
    I remember my goal to summon my Patronus. I yell Expecto Patronum! several times, but give up after a DC starts complaining about the noise. I decide to attempt it silently, and wisp by wisp, a 'thing' appears.
    Spoiler for patronus:

    Click on the image for full resolution.
    It appears just like the painting.
    Suddenly, as I am still building it up, the dream go's grey. I panic, but quickly stabilise myself. I visualize the scene back, and soon I am back into the lucid dream. Phew! I however decide to not continue the patronus.

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