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    Journeys through Spacetime

    Retreiver - Night 9

    by , 05-10-2018 at 09:47 AM (447 Views)
    In the midst of the gloomy and frigid street, I could discern a small glowing sign, with unreadable labelling. Driven by destiny, I entered the building, to find myself in another cold and dark area. Nonetheless, from a barely visible blue carpeted staircase, I could hear some chatter and laughter, accompanied with the harsh and bleaching white light of masses of large and rectangular bulbs. Before long, I had ascended the staircase, to find myself in the conclusion of a modest recital, yet again with the blue carpet. There were multitudes of tables packed with individually shared food, such as chocolate bars and biscuits. Nonetheless, something was strange. Two men in black suits lurked in the corner closest to the staircase, whilst talking into block-like phones from the 1990s. They were watching me while they spoke, and as soon as they had concluded their conversation, they approached me silently, and gestured me through a red door. It was a reasonably spacious room, lacking in furnishing except for a whiteboard, and an elaborate mirror with silver embellishments located in a corner several yards away from me. Predictably, they pulled out identification of their allegiance, the FBI. As they approached me, I realized how ridiculous the situation was, and how text on the whiteboard was mysteriously morphing between each glance. I became lucid, and left with not many preferable alternatives, I dashed towards the mirror, the surface now commencing to shimmer and liquefy.

    I dove through it with ease, and after momentary non-existence, I fell onto hard pavement. As I rose, I could see a verdant yet organized suburban street. I suddenly recalled that I wished to gain deeper insight into the state by talking to a dream character. As I turned around to scan my vicinity, I noticed a golden retriever at my heels, with a surprisingly intelligent expression. Consequently, I proceeded to ask it a question: “What is your favourite animal, an elephant perhaps?” I realized that my query was a foolish question, when it started to growl and attack my calves, almost certainly due to my insensitive suggestion. What was I thinking? Desperate, I inquired about its favourite colour. Consequently, it responded in a gruff and deep tone,“Orange”. Unexpectedly, the animal vanished.

    Abandoned, I proceeded across the street to enter a grey building with an unknown purpose, but it seemed to be replete with dream figures. I entered through the glass door to find myself in a vestibule, but as I was entering the interior, a couple, who are the parents of WB, also entered. They smiled, and I said “Hi” in a friendly manner, to be merely shunned, as the mother patronizingly commented “Use ‘hello’ with us in the future, okay?” Offended yet embarrassed, I decided to wake up.

    Unsurprisingly, the first search of the day was "Is hi rude?"

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