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    Bathroom wizard / Dog talk / Maze / School clothing / ESR's blog / At church

    by , 01-21-2017 at 10:07 PM (141 Views)
    Bathroom wizard
    A guy is in a bathroom. A second guy enters and places a "magical chain" around the door. Smoke fills the bathroom, and an image of a "creator wizard" appears. The first guy is a fighter, and he gets ready to defend himself. The second guy is a thinker, and he reassures his brother that he's just there to talk. The wizard reminds them that the spell will end if either of them is injured. The brothers start to argue between themselves about what to do.

    Dog talk
    Two dogs (we'll call them A and B) enter a pet store. Dog C greets them and informs them that "the master" says they need to feed the fish; it used to be C's job, but he has a new assignment now. C asks A if A remembers him, and A says he doesn't. C says that he fed A a few years ago when A's master was on vacation, and A still says he doesn't remember C. C goes into an in-depth description of his old disguise, and A recognizes him. C admits that he wanted so badly to escape that he actually put A into a shelter for a couple of nights, and he's glad the master never found it. Getting back to discussing the fish, C tells them there's no written schedule (then asks as an aside if A & B's master writes out schedules), but it's very important not to over- or under-feed the fish, since it'll kill them.

    I'm wandering a maze-like place with someone else. We're looking for the guy who runs the maze. He keeps popping in and out, but we're never able to get to him. He's mastered both time and space, so the maze is nothing to him - in fact, he doesn't even realize it is a maze. We give up looking for him and try to find his assistant. We finally catch sight of him on a balcony, but it's going to be hard to get to him.

    School clothing
    It's school morning, and I'm helping out my wife by making sure that my kids find their outfits (and don't end up trying to wear each others' clothing). I'm in the entryway to the house, and two of my kids bring their clothes for inspection. I check over them, talking to the kids as I do so, and they look OK.

    ESR's blog
    I'm watching a video of ESR reading comments from his blog. He actually reads mine, so I'm pretty excited, especially since I've tried many times to get his attention but haven't ever managed before. However, I'm surprised by the name he reads off of my post, something like "NazraxWithLargeFamily." I can't believe I left out the bit about the beacons.

    At church
    I'm sitting in church in our usual spot. The service is starting, but none of our kids are here. AG starts to offer a prayer request, and our kids start to trickle in. Our pastor (who's standing in the back-left corner instead of centered as he should be) keeps telling them to walk down the side aisles instead of the center, but some of them forget and come down the center anyway. Bob B, sitting in front of me, turns around and asks me to repeat AG's request, since the kids distracted him; unfortunately, they distracted me too, so I don't remember much either, other than that it had something to do with sickness.

    Now the wall at the front-right reveals itself to be two huge doors. They swing open and reveal a giant (wall-sized) landscape puzzle hanging behind a giant (wall-sized) grandfather clock. The clock starts to ring half-past, but it goes on a lot longer than I expect it to. The hammer starts to miss the bell and instead repeatedly hits the puzzle behind. After a few strikes, the puzzle falls apart.

    Now the service is over and I'm talking to our pastor. I offer him suggestions, something about boom mics.

    Noisy horse-men.

    While driving along a road, I see something made from stone and know that it came from across the street; it's a parking lot now, but it used to be a quarry.

    I'm walking in a large house.

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