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    Bowl pastry / Inconsiderate truck / Caravan communication

    by , 01-22-2017 at 10:43 PM (212 Views)
    Bowl pastry
    I'm having a large get-together at my house. People are milling around, talking. The food is ready, so I call everyone together, give thanks, then call on Jeff to tell us more about something. He grabs a red disposable paper bowl, which has baked puff pastry doming out the top, but then realizes he's holding it up-side-down. He flips it right-side-up, then explains that it's ready to eat: just cut into it and enjoy. He cuts it open, and it looks like the puff pastry is hollow. The bowl looks to be full of gravy, and something is floating in it. Looking more closely, it looks like pretzels. That looks really weird, but I'm willing to try it, since his wife is a wonderful cook. Someone else is more cautious and asks more questions about what it has in it and whether or not he should take a laxative before trying it out. I'm surprised by the question - the meal looks like it's already greasy enough ...

    Inconsiderate truck
    I'm driving my car. I'm at a light, waiting to go straight, when a large truck comes up beside me in the left-turn lane with its right blinker on. Other cars come up behind it, wanting to turn left, and are clearly not happy about the truck blocking their way. A couple cars go around it into lanes of oncoming traffic to make their left-hand turns; one car goes around the truck to the left, then cuts in front of all of us to turn right. Through all of this, the truck just sits there.

    Now I'm driving next to a field, and I see something interesting. Now I'm driving around looking for a place to eat. I consider a burger place we've been to before, but someone else in the car has an objection to it.

    Caravan communication
    A group of people are spread out in a loose caravan. A guy on a bike stops at a diner for a break and gets a fax from a truck driver who's further up the road and has stopped in some kind of industrial area. Whatever's in the fax, he realizes it's important for the others in the caravan to know, so he immediately jumps back on his bike and tries to catch up with those ahead of him. Unfortunately, it's a mountain road, and he's having real difficulty.

    Fragment: My son wants to wrestle, but we're in the middle of doing something else.

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