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    Dog fence / Camping / Warehouse / Reindeer-men / Corruption / Shower / Running / Garlic

    by , 01-18-2017 at 10:11 PM (233 Views)
    House hunting
    I'm house-hunting with my family. We're walking around a nice single-story house, and I like it a lot. I'm looking around the property trying to figure out how our dog would do here. The back yard is completely fenced in, but the front yard isn't. I think that it may be possible to link the fencing with the house to create a fenced-in back yard; I really like the idea, since I can't trust him without a fence or a leash, and I'd love to be able to throw things for him to fetch (it's a large back yard). Now I notice that the front yard is actually fenced in all the way except for the driveway, and I think that maybe adding a gate to complete it wouldn't be a bad idea. Looking around more, I notice that every house in the neighborhood seems to be completely fenced in except for the driveways; unusual, but whatever. Now he walks up to me carrying something in his mouth; looking more closely, I see that it's a dirty bowl with some bits of sewing in it; I recognize it as my wife's stuff, so I call to her.

    Group camping
    It's night, and I'm walking around our group camp site. I see our group's leader by the fire circle working on getting a fire started. As soon as he gets it started, he stands up and declares that it's time for bed. I'm surprised - why build the fire if it's bed time? I walk up to him to ask him. Now I notice the restrooms are just behind him and I excuse myself. Now I'm in the bathroom and find a wet towel - weird. Now I'm back outside talking to him again. We talk some more about other things, including music. We look at something on our phones. Now I ask him about breakfast, saying that I really need it by 7AM. He laughs, saying that he's not even going to be awake by then, let alone have breakfast ready.

    The warehouse
    I'm in an empty warehouse - all I can see is bare concrete floor and walls. Looking up, I see that it's actually got a few stories above me, and I can see firemen spread out doing something (there's no fire that I can see). Their leader is near me, and he looks like Ghostbuster's Peter Venkman. Looking around more, I see items that weren't there before, and any time I focus on one I get a kind of floating pictorial bubble giving me more information about it. I discuss population with someone (I jotted that down in my overnight notes, but I have no idea what it means.)

    I'm walking around in what I know to be a game. I'm in a residential neighborhood. All of the houses have large yellow and black signs outside. Each sign has the same list of possible content that can be found in a house, and lines which are applicable to a house are checked. The houses differ significantly in what they list, but they all seem to have "Reindeer" checked. Now I'm inside one of the houses. The light is very dim, and it's creepy. I walk around looking for reindeer. I don't see any, but I hear an occasional clip-clop from elsewhere in the house. As I'm walking through something like a living room, a reindeer-man comes around the corner. He's tall, wide, and very muscular, and he seems enraged. His eyes are wide and red, and he snarls as he walks towards me. I take a moment to gape at it, then turn to flee, only to find another one right behind me. I'm trapped! I punch the one blocking my escape, even as I know it's completely futile. He punches me and I go down.

    Now I'm back outside walking through the neighborhood with my parents. My father asks if I can scroll the console back to the top - he says there was a message that looked interesting but it disappeared before he could properly read it. I try the traditional shift+page up, and it works. I can see the console text hovering in front of us, though part of it is hidden by the branches of a tree. He somehow zooms in on the text he's interested in, pulling it towards us and making it much easier to read. It says something about using "svn group" to preserve local changes. He has no idea what that means, so I explain that - if my guess is correct - the game automatically checks out the latest versions of files, so any local modifications will normally be overwritten, so if you want to modify anything and have it "stick" you have to block the auto-checkout with this command.

    Post-apocalyptic corruption
    I'm watching a group wandering through a post-apocalyptic city. Most of the buildings are burnt out, and there's large rubble everywhere. The leader of the group is telling the others how his own wife was corrupted: growing larger, skin turning gray, losing control of herself. It turns out that he's been infected as well and has been suppressing it, but he finally loses the battle and begins transforming, groaning that he can't hold it back any more. He gains size and muscle, but he gains an almost golden color. Now he's wearing loose white robes, and his muscular arms and 6-pack are clearly visible. He tells the group that they must declare allegiance: either to him, to his wife, or to "the twins." Now I see that there are four groups, and he's displeased, saying that there can only be three and that the groups must battle until one of them is destroyed. The smallest group turns to flee.

    Strange shower
    I'm taking a shower in a small bathroom. There's no shower stall - the water just pools on the floor. I start to splash around, enjoying myself, then stop because I don't want to disturb my wife. I also realize that there's only a very small lip under the door and I don't want to flood the hallway.

    Running with John
    I'm with John O and my second daughter in the lobby of a movie theater. Everything is very blue, and there are tables scattered around - it seems it doubles as a diner. My daughter hasn't seen a movie in a theater before and asks how it works. I explain that we have to wait around while the current movie plays, then go in and wait for the next one to start. Now we're sitting at one of the tables, eating while we wait.

    Now John and I are crossing the parking lot. We're talking about "that weird taxi guy" who always hangs around the Atlanta airport. He does a great job and is worth seeking out, but sometimes you have to walk a long way to find where he's parked. Now we're walking along a sidewalk, and I realize that my daughter is missing. I turn to run back towards the theater, but John runs much faster than I. I yell after him to pace himself. He slows down, gets behind me, and starts pushing me. I end up running much more slowly than before since my balance is being thrown off. I ask him to stop pushing, so he passes me again. I'm able to regain my balance and speed back up. We're running downhill now, and I end up going really fast (though still slower than John).

    Eating garlic
    I'm driving home with my son. I realize I'm hungry and look around to see if there's anything to eat in the car. I see that the dashboard's cell phone holder has a garlic bulb sitting in it. As much as I'm not in the mood for raw garlic, I am really hungry, so I manage to peel off a few cloves and start trying to peel them one-handed (I'm still driving, after all). I hope I have a while before my wife gets home since I'm sure my breath will stink for a long time.

    Now I'm pulling into the driveway and am surprised to see that stuff is scattered everywhere inside the garage and on the driveway. I park near the top and we head inside. She's not here, so I start hunting down some real food.

    Fragment: A brilliantly white monument is standing in a grassy patch in the middle of the road.

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