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    Standardized test / Space game / Hoarder cleanup / Travel schedule / Controller configuration / Swim

    by , 01-23-2017 at 11:09 PM (237 Views)
    Standardized test
    I'm with my parents, sitting at a table in a huge room, waiting to take the 9th grade end-of-year standardized test (even though I'm an adult). Earlier, I saw some of my other friends (including PS), though I don't see them now. I need the test results for something I'm applying for, though I think it's pretty silly. I'm fairly confident in my abilities - after all, I'm a college graduate, so 9th grade stuff should be easy - but what if there's something taught in 9th grade that I've forgotten because it's completely useless? As I'm waiting to be called back to the test, waiters come around to the tables. Some of them are carrying plates and silverware while others are carrying the food, some kind of shrimp/something/something combo. It actually looks pretty tasty, and I look forward to trying it.

    I happen to turn around and am surprised to see that the entire room is empty except for us and the table in the corner next to us (the only table I can actually see without turning around). People start filing back in, and I realize I missed the call to use the bathroom before the test starts. I realize my bladder is already uncomfortably full, but it's too late now. I reason that, unlike these kids, I'm an adult, so I can deal with it!

    I'm still in the large room, and I'm now looking at a form covering basic information. It asks me some questions about my environment, talks about requirements for getting things initialed, then says I need to initial my neighbor's form and get my own form initialed by my neighbor. I add an asterisk near the top of my page, then trade initials with a girl sitting next to me.

    Now I'm in another room sitting at a long table and starting the real test. The first questions have to do with my "disobedience" in not going with the rest of the large group to the bathrooms. I try to defend myself by saying that I didn't see or hear anyone saying to go. One lady takes a hard line, but another defends me. Now I'm onto another section of the test. Each question has a whole list of possible answers, and I have to check any or all of them which I believe are correct. The first question asks about "Christians killed." The possible answers are all pretty bizarre; some are names, some are numbers. I ask a proctor for clarification but don't get anything useful. I end up choosing ones that sound right (I remember checking 170,000 among others). Now I'm onto some simple math questions, which I breeze through. I laugh at the question about calculating the CIT of an angle (dream-me thought that CIT was just another trig operation ...). After finishing all of the questions, I take a quick look over them, to make sure everything looks right, then turn it in.

    Now I'm walking with a male proctor. We enter the aviation museum / base, walk past the gift shop, and go through a guarded door. The guard lets me pass without question since I'm with the proctor. Now I'm sitting down looking at the test results (my parents are there too). Each page of the test flashes up quickly on a screen, and it's hard to see what's right, what's wrong, and what my score is. As best as I can tell, I get the first two pages (basic questions and Christian deaths) wrong, but everything else is correct. At one point, a lady stops the presentation to go into detail about a page asking about a stone with a fish on top of it. Once it's all over, it displays my final score of 100%, which I find odd since I got at least two questions wrong. Oh well.

    Space game
    I'm playing a game (looks like Astroneer) in which I'm controlling a guy in a space suit running around on a barren planet. The gravity is very low, and he's able to jump a long way. Eventually, I come across a HUGE building. Getting closer, I can see that it's in extreme disrepair. It almost looks "shattered," and I expect that the slightest touch will probably bring the whole thing crashing down. Looking through some windows, I see what I believe is a glowing portal. I can probably use it to travel to another planet - if I can get to it without collapsing the whole place. Even if I can use it, it would probably destroy the building in the process, so it would be a one-way trip. Now three other people are near me, and we're talking about the game. I love games like this which have a shared, procedurally generated, semi-private persistent world. As we're talking about the almost-destroyed building, one of the players mentions that equipping a pair of <things> on my backpack and harvesting the terrain will occasionally fling me to a nearby planet. I don't like relying on randomness, but it seems to be my best option, so I decide to give it a shot.

    Now I'm looking at a map of the solar system. The planet I'm on is colored white while unexplored planets are gray. White arrows point from my planet to others which are currently reachable. I start jumping around, going from planet to planet. I can't control where I go - I follow one of the arrows at random - but I hope that I'll be able to explore the whole system before too long, or to find a more reliable method of transport. I happen across a function which simulates where a space ship would take me - I can move around a straight line, and it highlights all the planets it's above - and I realize that there must be a way to build a spaceship (otherwise why would this function exist?).

    Hoarder cleanup
    I'm working outside my house. There are piles of old, broken stuff everywhere - it seems the previous owner was a hoarder. I've got other people working with me, and so far we've managed to pile things up well enough to make paths between the piles. We're working near a tall fence with a closed gate, and the lighting is poor.

    Travel schedule
    I'm trying to make a travel schedule for going to England. I think the trip will probably be nine days, since we'll probably be gone for two weekends plus the days in-between (it seems a shame to "waste" "free" vacation days over the weekend). As I think more about it, I realize that's probably not realistic; instead, we'll probably be flying out on a Saturday morning and returning the following Saturday evening so we have all day Sunday to recover before having to go back to work on Monday.

    Controller configuration
    I'm watching a couple of people flying characters over a kind of park area (trees overhead, walkways and fountains). One of them is using my Steam Controller, and he's complaining that I did a poor job setting it up for this game, since some of the controls aren't mapped. He ends up opening a gate by the expedient of sending his character ramming into it. Next to him, another guy is playing with a traditional controller. Supposedly he's doing better, but he's pushing buttons and moving hand positions faster than I can follow. The clicking of his controller buttons sounds like machine gun fire.

    Dangerous swim
    I'm moving through a place with many fairly narrow (20-30 feet) strips of water, then land, then water, then land. I've just started swimming through some water, and somehow I know there's a shark down below me. I hope that he stays deep and doesn't come up near the surface. As I look down, I see a red "x-ray" outline of a fisherman. At first, I think he must be in the next body of water, but I quickly realize the angle is wrong for that; he must be down under me somewhere. Now I'm on land, well past where I was before, and I approach a huge hole in the ground. I realize the fisherman is down there somewhere and start to look for a safe way down.

    A mountain road

    Mixed-up clothing

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