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    Minecraft and Crazy Driving

    by , 10-28-2014 at 10:15 AM (308 Views)
    1st. So this game was based of Minecraft although it isn't from anything to do with Minecraft which confuses me. It was kind of like this pre-game challenge to enter a new world. It involved lots of little rectangles, I actually had no idea what I was doing and was just moving mine randomly but I somehow won. This spawned me into a Minecraft based world without the pixels. I walked around a bit taking in my surroundings. Soon after I appeared someone else did too! He had a rifle. He shot me.
    The health system also worked the way Minecraft did, so this time it killed me and I had to re-spawn and do the whole puzzle puzzle competition thing again. When finally won and appeared back in the world the man was nearby and this time I ran although when he shot me this time it shot me way over the world at a really high speed. I ended up on some mountain, even though I was far away I still felt the need to keep on running, eventually I found an awesome house that I stayed at and called homeÖ for 5 minutes. Iím pretty sure that the bedroom on the second floor blew up and alarms went off, so I began to hustle out of town when a wild animal appeared and started attacking, Iím pretty sure that was the end of that dream although at some point I may have gone to Uncle Duncanís house in Omeo

    2nd. All I remember from this dream was driving on a semi-icy/ wet road. Shayla was the driver and Mum and I were in the car too. This dream involved driving up several hills, and going around roundabouts. Scary at the time.

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