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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. School and Projectile Vomiting

      by , 11-04-2014 at 09:09 AM
      I was at this weird school which slightly resembled my own in the way that all the buildings were re-arranged and there was a lot more forest like growth around and a few animals too, it looked pretty rad. At one stage I was filming something with a few friends behind a building. Everyone started going home after that and getting a ride from other friends so I asked my sister and she said yes. We hopped in her car, she was sipping on a drink, she started to vomit a little bit and then went into full projectile vomiting all over the car, when she hopped out she had this weird green face although she pulled it off and her normal face.

      We ended up driving to a house and I just sat there for the rest of the dream.
    2. Minecraft and Crazy Driving

      by , 10-28-2014 at 10:15 AM
      1st. So this game was based of Minecraft although it isn't from anything to do with Minecraft which confuses me. It was kind of like this pre-game challenge to enter a new world. It involved lots of little rectangles, I actually had no idea what I was doing and was just moving mine randomly but I somehow won. This spawned me into a Minecraft based world without the pixels. I walked around a bit taking in my surroundings. Soon after I appeared someone else did too! He had a rifle. He shot me.
      The health system also worked the way Minecraft did, so this time it killed me and I had to re-spawn and do the whole puzzle puzzle competition thing again. When finally won and appeared back in the world the man was nearby and this time I ran although when he shot me this time it shot me way over the world at a really high speed. I ended up on some mountain, even though I was far away I still felt the need to keep on running, eventually I found an awesome house that I stayed at and called homeÖ for 5 minutes. Iím pretty sure that the bedroom on the second floor blew up and alarms went off, so I began to hustle out of town when a wild animal appeared and started attacking, Iím pretty sure that was the end of that dream although at some point I may have gone to Uncle Duncanís house in Omeo

      2nd. All I remember from this dream was driving on a semi-icy/ wet road. Shayla was the driver and Mum and I were in the car too. This dream involved driving up several hills, and going around roundabouts. Scary at the time.
    3. Unusual Lucid Dreaming and Magic Swamp

      by , 10-22-2014 at 08:15 AM
      1st. So I had a false awakening where I began to go back to bed. As I fell back asleep, I could feel myself going into the dream so I thought I may as well just WILD it. It felt like I was doing flips and moving around my room, slowly it began to settle downed I tested to see whether I was in a lucid dream. So I went directly to the mirror in my bathroom, I was only about 4feet tall and had pale blue/blondish hair, my face was also a different structure with my bones being a lot sharper and harsh to look at. After this my dad came in and I though about posts when people said that they would tell their dream characters that they are actually in a dream, so I did exactly that although I cannot remember what happened after that.

      2nd. So there was me and a little girl as well as my little brother. We were in this small circle sized area with a few other people and were surrounded by plants and fauna, most of these were normal looking. The girl began looking through one side of the bush where there was high shrubbery although an adult began telling her that she should not be doing that.. She then began going through another area where the ground was softer and almost marsh like and the plants were sparser and taller. Most of these were about half of my height. She began stepping on them, splitting them in the process. This would let her walk around without touching the ground. I thought that this could potentially be dangerous so I stopped her and she went somewhere else, while she was exploring somewhere else I became curious about what was outside of this circled off area so I began taking the path that she had taken using the same process of splitting the top of the plants. The plants became shorter and looked as if someone had already split them, so now the whole ground was practically covered. They also began to gain this weird purple colour. Suddenly the ground gave way to a massive pond. The pond was a very very dark green in colour and was covered in these gigantic lily pads with the length of a bed, the whole place had this kind of magical vibe to it. I started stepping on these although they gave way and flooded me up to my knees. At some point I decided to turn back after getting a bad feeling about the place, although I didnít head back the way I came in, I went through this kind of swamp area with the same lily pads as before, although here the feeling of something being wrong went to dread and anxiety. I reached the shore in time although now everyone else was trying to do what I had done. I tried to warn them but they would not listen. This is all I can remember.

      3rd. I was in a large track area although instead of running track there was a forest to replace it. Here I was chasing my little brother or my dog (Canít Remember). As we came around the corner I could see that there were a group of people clustered together. There was my step-dad there and my sister. On the ground there was a iPhone6. In real life I am actually waiting for my iPhone to arrive so I was excited when I saw this in the dream world. I immediately asked my step-dad whether I could open it, he said yes. When i lifted the top I noticed that it was the black model, had some sort of case already half attached to it. The iPhone itself was pure black, thicker and felt generally not like an iPhone6. I put it back in the case and told him I would prefer the white model and would gladly wait.