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    1. Getting High and Travelling

      by , 10-28-2014 at 10:19 AM
      1st. The dream was set at the maroochydore river area. There were probably 3 other people that were with me although none of them I know in real life. We would go to these shops that were kind of weirdly set up (Like Happy High Herbs). The other people would end up talking to the shop owners and getting some weed to smoke although when I did it the effects would only last a few seconds so we ended up going back multiple times for a fuller experience. I remember one time I took it I was flying/hovering way above the ground although the other two times it happened I was standing near the shops. Iím not sure exactly about the details of the next part although Iím pretty sure there was an airport next to the shops and this is what lead me to the next dream.

      2nd. My brother and I were sent on this plane with return tickets to some foreign place, I know this because I remember travelling over an ocean. The plane ride was short and over as soon as it started and straight after we walked out we had to find our way to the next terminal to get back. When I did find it my brother was already there so I relaxed and zoned out for a bit. When I took in my surroundings again there were different people around me. My brother said that I had missed it and there would be another one soon. While we were waiting there were people doing stuff to pass time although I woke up before I even got onto the plane #Disappointment
      P.S I've never done drugs, I'm a good boy
    2. Apple Store and Apartment

      by , 10-24-2014 at 10:05 AM
      1st.I can remember that there was a valley type area, at the top was a parking lot and a fountain. At the bottom was an apple store that was featured on a keynote. There was someone in a car that was hella mad, I hopped in the car and we sped down the valley to the apple store at the bottom. The apple store had a back area with a few counters and a little nook area with other electronics

      2nd.As of now I can remember us being on top of an apartment building. There was Tatum(Cousin), Tom(Brother), Luke(Brother), Aunty Vanessa, Uncle Victor, Nash(Cousin) and a few other people. There were bean bags on the outside although I didnít want to sit there or something was bothering me so I moved inside. Here there were a bunch of bean bags and it was cool inside and the only thing I had to put up with was kids.
    3. Weird Tribe

      by , 10-21-2014 at 09:38 AM
      Me and a bunch of other people (Most likely class mates) were on a boat going to an island. When we got there we go off the boat and found a massive house/hall type thing and when we entered there was one person in there (I think) and there was a thing coming from somewhere and it went through his mouth and came out the other end. It became longer and went into person after person with the process repeating over and over going through different scenes until it came back. The owner of the island came out and expected us to love it and when we didnít he sent us back out onto the island. Everyone was bringing out Rabbits and other species that are considered ďPestsĒ. Some people did this while others went and talked to the the ďMayorĒ of the island. He told us the these people were the last species of some tribe and that we were exterminating them or something like that..

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    4. Jade Bracelet

      by , 10-17-2014 at 09:37 AM
      Someone had this bracelet thing with a stone bit on it I think made from Jade. I on multiple occasions would drop it and have to find my way back to finding it. I can only remember a couple.. One time I got somewhere and realised that I did not have it on me, I then had to catch a bus/train/tram back to get it from the side of the road. When I couldnít find it I had to catch a bus to get help from the person that owned it. By the looks of it they had an amber bracelet thing as well. We reached the side of the road where I thought I had lost it and she ended up spotting it straight away. On another occasion I dropped it into the snow and had to search for it once it had nearly melted.

      This may be from the night before but I remember having a dream about going up the mountain with Uncle Duncan, Karis, etc. Except the mountain was extremely narrow. The car would tip and it was just generally a scary(ish) dream. I can also remember another skiing dream whereas there was a gigantic mountain that you would catch the ski lift up to. Iím about 70% sure these were not related.

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    5. Bending Elements

      by , 10-16-2014 at 09:35 AM
      Our whole family was able to ďbendĒ the elements. I was an air bender, one other person could air bend, two people were fire benders and one person was a water bender. These people were not my real family and I cannot remember any names leading me to think they didnít have any. When we went out to the living room (Mumís house design/layout), there was a commotion outside, Dom was asking for his money back. It was completely black outside although I could make out him holding a gun and aiming it at the house. I ran back to get the ďDadĒ of the house, presumably Matt, to talk to him. When Matt couldnít get him to leave I decided I would be a ďheroĒ and walked around the side of the house to ďstopĒ him although when I got there there were children and a mother replacing him. They then started throwing water at me and when I used my air bending they were amazed and came inside. The younger children wrote their names n a note pad where a bunch of other people had done the same. I remember there being about 3 dreams all together although this is the only dream I can remember in detail.

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    6. Messed Up Dream

      by , 10-14-2014 at 09:34 AM
      I was in some sort of field, may have have been a rice field but ya never know. There was a river and a bridge, on one side there were a bunch of men. They were all colour coded either pink or blue. On the other side of the bridge there was a tree with children sitting around it. The men would come over and pick up the children and stab them, there was tonnes of blood and gore.. it was pretty fucked up. The colour of the man would determine where he would stab the child to kill it, if he was blue colour coded, he would stab them in the back and the pink would stab them in the neck. Once they were done killing them they would put a rope around their neck and hang them on the tree. By the end of the dream the tree was full of hanging children. I woke up.

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    7. Minecraft and Mcdonalds

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:33 AM
      1st I was in a kind of real life mine craft survival games, whereas the rules were nearly exactly the same whereas the aim of the game was to be the last one standing. One specific thing I remember about the dream was actually physically having to move my sword (Which was purple), intact I even had an inventory exactly like mine craft where I would change all of my armour and weapons around as I accumulated better stuff, by the end of the dream I had mainly purple armour which I knew was the best
      2nd There was a McDonalds with multiple stories that the whole family went to, Mandy was there.
      3rd, Some sort of game up at village type thing. Not sure of details but I am writing this at 2:45am so give me a break .

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    8. Escaping Cancer Complex

      by , 10-10-2014 at 09:31 AM
      1st. I was at a complex with a bunch of friends. We all stayed here because we were all diagnosed with cancer, the results would come back like the pathway results came back from school, each had the type of cancer with the recommended treatment, I remember Courtney Frame and Sophie Baker being there. This kind lead to another dream although I canít remember the exact details, on thing I do remember though is stealing from shops..

      2nd. This dream involved someone out in the parking lot being chased by a police car and although the people in there had never talked to me, they were somehow connected to me in the dream and I feel like they also had something to do with the first dream. I was in the parking lot and the man drove up to me, he reminded me of Sarah Faucettís dad but driving a different car that was smaller, shitty and a weird colour like the colour of my eyes in that grass profile pic. There were children in the back and as I said I somehow felt that I had met this man before in the dream somewhere, so I hopped in, there were no creepy vibes about getting in the car (although there should have been) just a sense of urgency.
      He began to talk about our escape saying that I would drive the car when he got out. I stated that I had never driven a car before, he replied by saying that it didnít matter and that we had a big head start on them (Police) anyway. We drove past a town and the man was extremely surprised because he said he had not seen people so close to where we had been. At this town was a gigantic hall, so we got out.
      The hall was a community hall because there were posters outside stating that if you needed any help to just go to the community hall and there were a couple of people in there, one was a girl with black hair. The man went somewhere after this and I was outside the hall by myself. There were a couple of people here and they looked very sick. I remember trying to get their attention and that the windows were like they were next to a hot shower so they were steaming. People had written messages in them although I wiped them off to get my point across (Not sure what that was). The man met back up with me and told me that he was going inside for some reason, I followed. The interior of the hall looked exactly like a barn, exactly. The man and the girl began to talk and this is where the dream getís extremely weird and out of place. He was put up for execution and executed soon after, although later he was somehow revived .
      (Iím really not sure about this part, the more I think about it the more I canít remember) This part somehow resembled a Facebook post I had read earlier about someone who had cancer and moved to Oregon to chose the way she wanted to die, so I did exactly that. There were two men standing by me, one of them was was the man that had rescued me. The man that rescued me had a rifle and the other man had a bat, although I chose to be executed by being shot. I was surrounded by family I believe and then I was shot.
      There was a next part to the dream although there is no way I could remember it? Iím pretty sure my family was there though.

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    9. Competitive Cooking

      by , 10-09-2014 at 09:29 AM
      1st. I was doing this weird cooking competition with Casey from work (The blonde short one). We originally started of with team members but we ended up loosing them. To start off with we were cooking fries and then went to cooking burgers. I would always end up behind Casey for some weird reason and she was always cheating, she would throw stuff into my vat and kind of at me and would throw taunts at me (Didnít make me upset at all though). A child then walked into the weird restaurant think and Casey was trying to talk to it and the mother. I remember not being able to see the mothers face although the girl would have been about 3-4 years old with blonde hair blue eyes. While Casey was talking to her she would stare at me not paying any attention to what Casey was saying. Thatís all I can remember, I think I woke up.

      2nd. On a raft with a bunch of people, some I isnít know although there were people like Sarah and Zac Harrington. We ended up meeting with Steve Irwin who took us to see some whales. When we were talking there was a Facebook chat thing that would pop up somehow. We then, ended up going back to shore and had all these Mcopoly sticker and were playing this game with them, on the second round Zac paired up with a kid to let him win. I woke up.

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    10. Stafroom Climbing

      by , 10-08-2014 at 09:27 AM
      I was in a building complex, David and I were trying to find our way to the top or too this office area where I believe the teachers stayed at (Staffroom). After looking of an exit we got Sahar to come and help us and we ended up climbing a ladder, I reached the top and David didnít. I woke up

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