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    Competition night One - Bird's eye view

    by , 01-14-2017 at 11:30 AM (580 Views)
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    D1 Having sex dream , was happy and playful then white bedroom door open a chink meaning other people were up in house, so went for breakfast.

    D2 - Talking to some dc who was suprised at my choice of choosing to go for a run along long walkway/ path up side of mountain.
    At top was a very large white staidum, where a music concert was taking place. I could hear the music drifting as I came up to the entrance way. (
    Music from an anime I listened to last night)
    There were large viewing halls with giant glass windows on one side looking into the centre of the stadium.
    Each one I entered was very crowded with dcs wearing white shirts and black tailcoats serving guests.
    One room had no one in so I entered, seeing a large white bird sitting on the top of a piano. Evidently people were scared of the bird so had not entered. When I went in it took of leaving its legs behind on the piano.
    A Very strange dc looking like Manuel from fawlty towers went and removed the legs
    (He went very close with his face next to mine as dcs often do in my dreams, peering into my face)

    Song from dream:

    WBTB - have drink of water and go bathroom

    D3 - In a dress shop with black marble walls and floor. I am talking to the owners as the shop is closed at the moment. it is very bare with just mirrors and racks plus a changing room to one side.
    I use my powers to make the room bigger but have to make the whole world bigger too to fit everything in.
    The doors to the store are shaped like glass flower petals and very large half dome like things.
    (I have seen shapes similar to these in a hotel dream I hadj
    There are two to the front of the store which I thought was a room I could stay in but turns out to be a connecting corridor at the front of all the stores, that curves round.
    I go out into this corridor which is curved glass on one side.
    Entering the next room/store I recognise items from anime I have watched a soldier figurine from ergo proxy and mechanoid from outlaw star. I decide it is some kind of playroom.

    I am lucid and use telekinesis to move the mechanoid from a hooped area. I find it very hard remembering that it is super heavy and could only be moved easily due to low gravity.
    An very old lady wanders into room, I try to change her into someone else but fail
    I immediately try mind control on her and tell her to do something she obeys. As she comes closer to me she freaks me out, with her white waxy skin and appearance.
    I look around room for something else to try, seeing a folded partition wall, I try to open it with my powers but it hardly budges so I give up.
    I go to fly out of the room but
    false awaken and drink sludge from a glass of water ick! then wake up for real.

    I realise red and white soldier from ergo proxy, was ignored completely by me in dream as it was in waking state. I was puzzled by its exact meaning in anime but did not enquirer further.
    This deliberate ignoring, I feel relates to also to other things relating to red and white (which has been very big dream sign for past year or so). It is my need for integration.

    <font color="#0000ff">

    ok checked it out, It relates to a lost child from the past, that would make sense

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    1. Serene's Avatar
      I see you are off to a great start on your competition. Great job! That's a pretty song.
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    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Left his legs behind, how funny.... A window in a dream may symbolize your outlook or perspective on some aspect of life or may provide insight.... Very nice use of powers in your lucid.
      Nebulus likes this.
    3. lunagoddess's Avatar
      Wow, I just noticed you got lucid! Good job! You're beating me in the competition..lol
      Nebulus likes this.
    4. Nebulus's Avatar
      Thanks luna you got lucid too tho I saw