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    Dark and cold

    by , 10-02-2017 at 08:50 AM (406 Views)
    I had quite a few dreams, all were in a dark and cold environment.

    First I had a quite abstract and hazy dream about counting the numbers 1-9. Each time a number was counted I would be rocketed higher inside a cavernous underground quest. Then my parents were there doing something. And something about a cat too :3

    2nd in a poky kitchen, a hippyish woman with lank blond hair was kindly asking if I wanted something she had made. I was unsure about her due to her close proximity, fitting the thing around my neck and face. Also I was unsure as to whether she was giving it to me or trying to get me to buy it. It was made of a star, a cylinder shape and a babies bottle filled with flavoured water. The liquid smelt nice and comforting, I imagined it had cinnamon in it. After she had been talking for a while I noticed she had bags in cupboards and around filled with these products. I felt sorry for her that she had not managed to get rid of any.

    I moved away into a corridor adjoining the kitchen. I needed to pee but found I was now a woman with dark almost shoulder length straight hair. I went into one of the cubicles but felt I was being watched so I came out. There was a guy, a stranger, standing just outside the bathrooms. When I went out he went to grab and kiss me, I did not respond as this felt all wrong, I wasn't a woman.
    Next we were outside, and he was hiding me as he lay with lots of other soldiers on a pile of sandy earth. He was however unable to hide me and I was pulled up by whoever was in charge when a load of uniform men with guns turned up.
    They were wearing uniform that looked like dark grey or black, world war two with rifles.
    I was pushed over to a wall where I slumped and was shot at. I had clearly been shot a few times, as there was a load of blood that had splattered.

    note: I never know whether to categorise these as nightmare as I don't remember a lot of fear but I know before I have just not recalled the strong emotion. So I just put it down as that as there was a lot of emotional turmoil in the last dream section.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      wow, the dream went from calm to suspenseful pretty quickly.At least there was something pleasant like the nice,comforting aroma you got to smell.^^
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    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      That was interesting as I had not recalled "smelling" anything in a dream recently but
      mentioning that on dreamviews either made it appear in my dream or made it more memorable.
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