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    Disturbing toys

    by , 04-24-2018 at 07:32 AM (275 Views)
    Walking around Camden canals though it seemed like it was in the 60s or something.
    In a house with big circular bay windows, letting in lots of light, we were opening presents. They were very clever scientific toys (or were they?). One solved a puzzle itself by magnetically fixing to the correct part. There were lots of presents each bigger than the last when unwrapped but the same tiny piece of paper to start with, they magically got bigger, although it was meant to be scientific mechanism.
    There were mice that scurried everywhere eating things, can I toy mice eat?
    Then last was a boy who appeared large with brown short hair ,after unfolding the wrapping paper a few times, there he was. His mouth, as with the mouth opened and closed. He went after the mice Oo. Among the big brown leather chairs he hunted and CHOMPED the mice up in his mouth Aaaaah!! One of us tried to turn him off by opening his mouth but he bit them. I was to scared to. But the thought of him chomping the bones of those poor mice!
    The room was becoming full of what I thought were mice droppings, which I remarked upon. They turned out to be grass seeds growing into little stalks of wheat everywhere, in the sunlight.
    We went outside, me and two others back to the market. We were in a shopping centre at the bottom of an escalator. When I noticed them hanging back, I was talking about the boy and noticed an expression on their faces.
    He was a fake, not a toy but a real live boy! they had tricked me. I was in a fury from having been tricked, and having thought all sorts of weird things. I had been made to feel stupid. I flew up into the sky but was followed by one of them with dark hair and dark bushy eyebrows. As he didn't go I got out a revolver and fired at him. This didn't work he mealy fell back a bit then came up through thick cloud towards me. I then poured fire onto him and engulfed him in flames. This didn't stop him either so I flew higher and higher until he couldn't follow me any more.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That must have been a disturbing scene. Reminds me of when my father use to squish mice in mouse traps with i think was cereal boxes. I dont think you can see the blood but its still cringey to think about. The last part where you fought the guy off sounds epic.
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    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      It was one of those fights which are quite annoying as you can't win, I guess because as long as my anger existed I was feeding his existence too.
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That is so true.Something similar happened to me in my past dreams too.
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