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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Competition night One - Bird's eye view

      by , 01-14-2017 at 11:30 AM
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      Lucid purple

      D1 Having sex dream , was happy and playful then white bedroom door open a chink meaning other people were up in house, so went for breakfast.

      D2 - Talking to some dc who was suprised at my choice of choosing to go for a run along long walkway/ path up side of mountain.
      At top was a very large white staidum, where a music concert was taking place. I could hear the music drifting as I came up to the entrance way. (
      Music from an anime I listened to last night)
      There were large viewing halls with giant glass windows on one side looking into the centre of the stadium.
      Each one I entered was very crowded with dcs wearing white shirts and black tailcoats serving guests.
      One room had no one in so I entered, seeing a large white bird sitting on the top of a piano. Evidently people were scared of the bird so had not entered. When I went in it took of leaving its legs behind on the piano.
      A Very strange dc looking like Manuel from fawlty towers went and removed the legs
      (He went very close with his face next to mine as dcs often do in my dreams, peering into my face)

      Song from dream:

      WBTB - have drink of water and go bathroom

      D3 - In a dress shop with black marble walls and floor. I am talking to the owners as the shop is closed at the moment. it is very bare with just mirrors and racks plus a changing room to one side.
      I use my powers to make the room bigger but have to make the whole world bigger too to fit everything in.
      The doors to the store are shaped like glass flower petals and very large half dome like things.
      (I have seen shapes similar to these in a hotel dream I hadj
      There are two to the front of the store which I thought was a room I could stay in but turns out to be a connecting corridor at the front of all the stores, that curves round.
      I go out into this corridor which is curved glass on one side.
      Entering the next room/store I recognise items from anime I have watched a soldier figurine from ergo proxy and mechanoid from outlaw star. I decide it is some kind of playroom.

      I am lucid and use telekinesis to move the mechanoid from a hooped area. I find it very hard remembering that it is super heavy and could only be moved easily due to low gravity.
      An very old lady wanders into room, I try to change her into someone else but fail
      I immediately try mind control on her and tell her to do something she obeys. As she comes closer to me she freaks me out, with her white waxy skin and appearance.
      I look around room for something else to try, seeing a folded partition wall, I try to open it with my powers but it hardly budges so I give up.
      I go to fly out of the room but
      false awaken and drink sludge from a glass of water ick! then wake up for real.

      I realise red and white soldier from ergo proxy, was ignored completely by me in dream as it was in waking state. I was puzzled by its exact meaning in anime but did not enquirer further.
      This deliberate ignoring, I feel relates to also to other things relating to red and white (which has been very big dream sign for past year or so). It is my need for integration.

      <font color="#0000ff">

      ok checked it out, It relates to a lost child from the past, that would make sense

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    2. Vivid nightmare and Lucid sky castle of eagles

      by , 12-16-2016 at 07:15 PM
      Went to sleep and dreamt of being in a bunk bed like when I was a kid. It was incredibly vivid.
      It felt very oppressive in the pitch dark, closed in by darkness and silence in the room.
      (When I was a kid and lived in the countryside it was silent and pitch dark at night).
      I could then see myself 3rd person view from above, looking stark white in the dark of the room, huddled up.
      In my head I was thinking "come on bring it on, do you worst!" whatever you are. And tensed for something to strike me. Nothing happened.
      It was all so vivid and intense that when I woke, my mind was awake but i was still half a sleep.

      So when I went straight back to sleep I was lucid.

      I was inside a broken down school, there was a dark corridor with a pipe broken spraying water everywhere and broken masonery. Two boys in green school uniform were heading towards me, hands in pockets.
      I thought to myself last time I was lucid I couldn't control much, so I took direct action.
      Grabbing the first boy that came towards me by the face, I said take me to see the person I want to see, now!
      He didn't have much say in the matter,looking at me wide eyed, he complied. We moved on and through some double doors met a giant man about 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing a blue medical gown. We were now in a hospital. He was blind and I could see wounds where his eyes had been. He was very strong, I could feel power pouring from him and without speaking I went with him (there was no need to speak).
      We went along a corridor which which led into the front reception area of a large hospital.
      There a large number of patients were sat in wheelchairs, in front of a row of glass doors to the exit.
      The sun was shinning brightly into the entrance foyer.
      The person I wanted to see was there in the closest wheelchair, her hair was fine and blonde hanging straight, she wore a silky white robe.
      She got up from the wheelchair and took my hand. The giant took my other hand and we left the hospital and went out into the sun.
      The site before me I will never forget. The sky , a beautiful greek blue, and the sun dazzling.
      Above was the most amazing site, towering dizzily high above me was an immense floating castle.
      The highest towers were in the shape of gigantic eagles. All parts of the tower were so black that it was almost hypnotic to look at them. I don't know if they were black because of the shadow from the bright sun or something else.
      We flew together up, higher and higher with a feeling of great power, security and happiness washing over me. The giant was in the lead pulling me higher, then me, then she.
      We went higher and higher, this bit went on for a long time, hard to describe but it was wonderful

      Had two false awakenings where I tried to write dream up in journal, but was only dreaming it lol

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    3. More Escape dream

      by , 07-16-2016 at 05:32 PM
      I had been meditating on space between my thoughts and not getting caught up in my thoughts when I fell a sleep.

      I then had a false awakening where I thought there was someone at the door, I could not move as much as I tried or would move a little then find myself in exactly the same position again.

      Then I was back in a dream, I was a woman with long black hair and brown eyes. I knew I had been followed by something or someone, felt like it was a previous dream I could not recall.
      Inside the bedroom of a narrow house, I was trying not to move a muscle, trying not to make a sound. But I felt whatever had been sent to get me was here. I crept out the door to a side of the house away from the road and obscured I hoped from view.
      LOL towering above the house and reaching way up into the clouds it seemed, was a creature with skin like bark. It could have been a giant tree, except its top came to a point where the gnarled head was and there were no leaves just branch like brown arms.
      It was immobile but felt as though it was straining its senses to find me.
      I went silently along the back of the house and into a side door to the kitchen. I waited there until a man I had been waiting for, with short brown hair and a black waistcoat turned up.
      It started to rain as it got heavier we decided to make a break for it. The creature that seemed more like an elemental spirit or titan, had been still for so long, we were now unsure if it was waiting for something but we could wait no longer.
      We walked in the rain which soon became torrential, hammering down on the road. Straight up to where the creature stood as there was no other way. It did not move and we looked up at it towering above us giddily. Behind it were hundreds of small stumpy brown trees, all with eyes. They did not move either and we made our way hurriedly through them.
      Last bit was very vivid indeed, particularly splashing of rain on road and feeling of cold and wet, as we were soaked.

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    4. Tried FILD

      by , 06-20-2016 at 04:52 PM
      Programmed myself to wake after every dream, which I did but I find it very much like coming up for air then plunging back under the murky waters, quite disorientating. So lots of chaining.
      Also I tried FILD a lot.

      D1 - Escaping from my father I travel across europe. I am being traced by a chip sticking out of my iphone.

      D2 - Staying in Ireland, in a farm house. Waking up early in a bedroom, with double windoes overlooking the farm courtyard. I am a child but do not want to go visiting the farmyard animals with the other children.

      D3 - I am a child again and I am unable to stop the bathroom tap running (a phobia of mine when I was younger). I am yelling for my My mum to sort it out.

      oooo I don't really remember having dreams where i'm a child before Oo, must be deeper.

      I had about four false awakenings LOL