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    by , 12-25-2016 at 12:41 PM (307 Views)
    I was somewhere very hot, seems like Greece, the sun was scorching, possibly noon outside.
    In a hospital ward, with sick children laying in bed. One child has long straight blonde hair and a dark plain dress.
    I recognise her and i'm lucid. I try using my powers to heal her. We go along the intensely bright road in the sweltering heat.
    We travel in an old dark brown ford along the scrubby, tree lined road. Reaching her mothers house, who strangely enough is the same person just older but with same blonde her, but with a neat office suit on. I make out with the mother.
    Spoiler for may contain nudity but not enough really:

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    Tags: blonde, heat, hospital, sun
    lucid , non-lucid