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    How not to redecorate and lost!! nightmare

    by , 03-29-2017 at 07:10 PM (462 Views)
    My recall has been mehhh for a while, i've been sick, so my journal entries have got shorter and shorter...Now is the time to plum the depths of my memories to do these scraps justice, and let them loose on the world (well type em up).

    D1 - Very vivid dream,I notice in a very small room, that for some reason I know is very high up...Is it an attic maybe? Yes behind me was a hatch door. There is a window with a thin white curtain with bright light streaming in. Anyway I notice a roughly painted hinge on the wall in front of me that is green and blue. It needs touching up with blue paint. So I get a paint brush but no sooner do I than the world literally turns upside down. I hang on for dear life as the room is tipped upside down. I have a feeling of my stomach lurching like on a fairground ride. The room stops moving and I notice a can of black paint has emptied onto the floor, fortunately also a load of clothes seems to have been dumped there too, on top of the paint.
    Next the room starts to move again and the hatch behind me flies open, I hang on desparately again, feeling im going to fall any minute.

    D2 - With my parents somewhere in the countryside I need to go pee, so I leave them in search.
    I head down a path in the afternoon sun, it heads down between trees on a woodland path.
    They're are people about everywhere so I can't find anywhere to pee. I search and search, eventually I try and head back the way I came and come across some kind of cave. I have a great deal of trouble getting out, it is very dark and cold. There is a European woman with blonde hair there. I have to climb up a stair case which seems to be made of dental plastic braces things, ugh. They are moving all over the place making my progress very unsteady.
    Eventually I get out and am near a pavilion style hut and a boy steps out and shoves me in the right direction. I get to a type of marble underground station. I think it is called "talos" but am unsure.
    I have a old fashioned gold wrist watch with buttons on it that I use as a phone to try and contact my family. I get through to them but feel I am lost and can't get back to them as I don't know whether I am imagining thing or am where I think I am. Desperately I use my powers to transmit myself hologram style to where they are but my powers fade and I am lost.

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    1. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      Shit, that last bit sounds stressful.
      Nebulus likes this.
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I was wondering when you guys would post again too. Hope you feel better soon. I can imagine how scary it must have been to get lost or hang upside down like that but on the bright side it was good you didn't give up even when things seemed to be getting worse.
      Nebulus likes this.
    3. Serene's Avatar
      Oh my goodness! Lots of stress for sure! Funny though how many people dream of having to go potty lol. Minds are powerful to be able to go in a dream without really going and still feeling like you actually are relieved. Curious thing.
      Nebulus likes this.
    4. Nebulus's Avatar
      i've never had that...I only ever need to pee and then wake up needing too