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    A key to lucidity

    by , 07-03-2016 at 01:48 PM (600 Views)
    Lots of syncs corresponding to something in my dream, so I don't know whether it also symbolises something else, probably

    D1 - I am at my parents house all is dark, its a wintry morning. I'm wearing a quilted jacket and am in their kitchen then locking up before I go out. I am scared of something unseen a presence/feeling. I double back and check they are a sleep. They're door is closed signifiying they are still a sleep.
    I take a small steel key to lock the back door, I feel the cold of the key against my fingers and fiddle with the lock, checking and re-checking. This action is slowly waking me up in the dream. As I feel vague stirrings of my consciousness, as if a mist is lifting or becoming less foggy headed.
    Outside the ground is frozen with a light snow. In the distance I can see children surrounding two cats that appear to be fighting.
    I preceive that the childtren are in some way encouraging or in some way to blame for the fighting.
    The cats are jumping into the air as they fly at each other.
    Two of the children walk in my direction, I am scared and angry at the same time.
    I finally realise it is a dream, and say to myself are i'm dreaming. I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
    The other child has a funny blue and white, thick woolen jumper and matching woolley hat. He has long fair hair and looks on bemusedly.
    I remember that I need to stabalise and rub my hands frantically together but then I wake up.

    The action of touching the key in the dream clearly triggered my surfacing from the normal dream state.

    D2 - Long dream where I am working with another teacher in a large lecture threatre, preparing stuff for later. I am interrupted by a manager who askes where a painting has gone missing. I pretend to look for it, in the hope she'll go away.
    Similarly, I try and escape from an office later on some pretext or other in the hope of not being found out.
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Key: Keys are very important dream symbolizes. Think about what its use in the dream is and how it relates to your life. Ultimately a key represents the ability to open and discover a number of things. If you locate a key or keys it means you know how to resolve a situation.

      If you dream that the key it used to unlock something it means you have found your way to a new opportunity. It could also mean that you have let someone in on your secrets or gained knowledge about a situation or person. A ring of keys or holding the master key symbolizes authority over yourself and others. If you hold the golden key it signifies an open mind and you hold the key to anything you desire.
      If you insert a key into a keyhole it could have a sensual meaning in which you are worried and anxious about not being unable to satisfy yourself or your partner.

      Losing or breaking your keys indicate you are afraid of your reputation and where you stand in the social class is being tarnished. It may simply mean that you did not take the chance when you had it and now you are going to let it slip right out of your hand. Similarly, when you dream of a rusty key it indicates unused or misused abilities. If you give someone your keys then you have let up your power and given someone else the ability to control things.

      If you hear the sound of keys in your dream it is an excellent sign! You are going down the right route in life and you know precisely what you want, so keep heading that way.

      Key Chain: You adapt to everything and everyone. You camouflage so people would respect you and treat you on like if you are one of them.

      Key Maker: When you dream of a key maker it symbolizes your need for help to unlock and open up to problems and people. If the key maker is making a spare key, your unconscious is telling you not to worry because there are a number of ways and approaches to solve your problems.

      Keyhole: A dream where you cant seem to see things clearly and need to peep through a keyhole to see indicates you are eves dropping and finding yourself in other peoples things. On the other hand it just means that you cannot see things clearly and need to look at the entire perspective of a situation to understand it.
      If someone is pepping through a keyhole to see you it means someone is spying on you! Watch your back because someone is definitely watching it.

      Dreams Starting With K | Dream Dictionary | Dream Symbols | Dream Translations
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      Updated 07-03-2016 at 05:45 PM by Elaineylane (forgot to add reference link)
    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      So glad to see you are back in lucid land, lol!

      I use this link a lot now. Dream Dictionary - Dream Analysis, Interpretation & Meaning
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    3. Oneirin's Avatar
      I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
      Classic hahaha
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      Yes, well I may have found the key to a new perspective or awareness of life
      but I secretly hope it is for getting lucid too (fortunately I can keep no secret from myself and I think its true anyhow).
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