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    life aint no groak

    by , 01-10-2016 at 04:37 PM (733 Views)
    D1 - There was a creature that did not need human comforts, it moved out of the house where it had been as a human. It now lived in a hollowed out tree, surviving on things left on the tree floor. It was very cold and dark but it did not care. It just existed. Children came to the tree and it did not mind or pay them attention.
    It went to work and carried out its duties with minimal interaction with others their and was able to dupe them into thinking it was a human.
    The creature reminded me of the groak from the moomins.

    D2 - At college sitting outside with a group of others, a girl is tuning up her guitar. A string is broken. It is a steel length with barbs on it. I offer to fix it and use my powers to melt and then stretch it back to normal.

    D3 - Taking my daughter (when little) to a cinema to see a film. The cinema is on two floors and is very stark, qrey concrete walls. I buy tickets only to find the picture is not on, as the projector is not working. People are occupying themselves by eating in an upstairs resteraunt or drawing on the large screen with is not in use.
    Eventually the film is back on but it is not the right film, no one cares as it is a children's film and pretty much the same. But I know my daughter will care and try to get a refund. I cannot however find my receipt or remember if I did infact purchase a ticket.

    D4 - Some of the college students from the earlier dream are having a car race, the car is multicoloured with slogans all over it, mostly green thougth. We are in last place with the other cars infront bunched up. I use my powers to fix the car in time to speed ahead and win at the last moment.
    In the student bar after their is a guy who was on the other team. I am concerned he will pick a fight with our team leader, so I invite him to sit with me at a table, away from the others. I then will be able to use my powers on him if he tries anything.
    I ask fi who is there if she will hold my hand, I use my powers and when we hold hands it does a glowy red thing.

    I feel I have been living a life with no joy. Fairly bleak like the groak.

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      You are so causual with your powers, I'm kind of jalous really!
      Nebulus likes this.
    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      Ahhh that so sweet, coming from the dragoness herself, shapeshifting is way cooler :d for sure, you know it ^^
      besides i'm supposed to be nice to people in my dreams not zap them all the time, thats just naughty.