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    Lost in music

    by , 01-31-2016 at 07:26 PM (329 Views)
    At school miffed at not been in time for something. I walk back into a white carpeted area with a stairwell with silver banister and cube glassed window. There is an elderly man there not unlike samuel l jackson, here has a grey checkd floppy berri on his head. i knock it off his head in my fit of rage and it flys across the the room. It falls to the floor spilling out many lead unformed objects.
    I immeditetly realise the error of my ways and apologies. He agrees to help me out of my predicatment by singing with me.
    But when I leave to return he is no where to be seen.

    I walk into the white and silver studio, with large round platforms for the performers to stand on, with hanging microphones and headsets.
    Robs group is currently performing in black outfits and time is rapidly running out. There is a main control panel where an old style cassette tape should be placed. I am convinced it is missing and question Georg about its possible whereabouts she is quite aggressive and berates me.

    It is time for the performance, but I do not even know the tune let alone the song, reminscient of whiplash.
    I flounder about, then the music starts, it was there all along and the performance goes fine, except for my hystronics

    I think the lead objects represented unmanifested though forms (being situated under his hat) and that is why it was not his "time" to perform the actions I wanted him too, despite his conscious thoughts.

    Otherwise usual worry about worsed case scenario for no reason but habit.

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      WOrrying out of habit sucks At least you got to sing!
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