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    Lots of fragments

    by , 04-08-2018 at 09:56 AM (125 Views)
    - Walking along a narrow canal path. Someone tries to stop/rob me but I jump into the water and swim away.
    - At a hotel a local dish is being prepared on a long tresselled table by a woman. She is layering rings of fish. I talk to her. Later we are offered some food but its not vegetarian.
    - In our house we have 3 big screens set up in the front room. Each with a bright interactive display. The next morning we get up from downstairs and my cat tells me it wants to go on a dance programme. I go to pick it up but it tells me to put it down again. It is pale coloured and sleek. It asks me to open the doors as obviously it cant do that itself. There are two downs on the narrow hallway going upstairs. I find that the programme the cat wants has downloaded incompletely (hacked) and so doesnt work. The cat goes on a drawing programme instead and uploads something it had been drawing. Other people go on other things. I find a picture of a fox so it can get the right colour for its drawing.
    - At my parents house I'm trying to help my dad get in without a large about of dogs also getting into the house.
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