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    1. Disturbing toys

      by , 04-24-2018 at 07:32 AM
      Walking around Camden canals though it seemed like it was in the 60s or something.
      In a house with big circular bay windows, letting in lots of light, we were opening presents. They were very clever scientific toys (or were they?). One solved a puzzle itself by magnetically fixing to the correct part. There were lots of presents each bigger than the last when unwrapped but the same tiny piece of paper to start with, they magically got bigger, although it was meant to be scientific mechanism.
      There were mice that scurried everywhere eating things, can I toy mice eat?
      Then last was a boy who appeared large with brown short hair ,after unfolding the wrapping paper a few times, there he was. His mouth, as with the mouth opened and closed. He went after the mice Oo. Among the big brown leather chairs he hunted and CHOMPED the mice up in his mouth Aaaaah!! One of us tried to turn him off by opening his mouth but he bit them. I was to scared to. But the thought of him chomping the bones of those poor mice!
      The room was becoming full of what I thought were mice droppings, which I remarked upon. They turned out to be grass seeds growing into little stalks of wheat everywhere, in the sunlight.
      We went outside, me and two others back to the market. We were in a shopping centre at the bottom of an escalator. When I noticed them hanging back, I was talking about the boy and noticed an expression on their faces.
      He was a fake, not a toy but a real live boy! they had tricked me. I was in a fury from having been tricked, and having thought all sorts of weird things. I had been made to feel stupid. I flew up into the sky but was followed by one of them with dark hair and dark bushy eyebrows. As he didn't go I got out a revolver and fired at him. This didn't work he mealy fell back a bit then came up through thick cloud towards me. I then poured fire onto him and engulfed him in flames. This didn't stop him either so I flew higher and higher until he couldn't follow me any more.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Hard to erase

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Got lucid and spent some time doing mind control. This evidently shows I feel really powerless in RL as I do this so much.

      Next there was some guy in a rice bowl hat, who I felt really fear and then hatred towards. Some other of my comrades were distracting him. So I shot up into the air super high then plummeted down at supersonic speed, crashing down onto his head.
      He was smacked down into the earth, so only his head and neck stuck out of the ground. I then proceeded to try and kill him by using a giant scissor style sword to cut his head off. Then fire etc but none of these worked and I had a growing fear of his escape and retribution.

    3. Escape

      by , 11-06-2017 at 09:40 AM
      D1 - Trying to get away from a monster, it is delayed by a trap consisting of a thread of wire that it is temporarily snagged on. As I pass it catches me and pricks me drawing blood. A baby is born which i'm happy about but the blood contamination means that even though the monster died, it goes on to be born as a baby monster (looks weird like sultarana from drwho). So there are two babies.
      I go to a magick conference to try and get advice from someone important about how to get rid of it but it uses it's powers (even though a baby) to make me forget. So I walk out and then on remembering have to try and get back in without an id card. This continues...

      D2 - Walking down a steep valley towards a peninsula out into open sea. It is quite steep and I am having trouble with my footing. I can see below there has been some kind of eruption from a small island below, a great plume of grey and white smoke is billowing up, high into the air. Behind me a man tries to stop me going any nearer but I keep on, pushing his hands away.
      Tags: baby, powers, water
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Dark and cold

      by , 10-02-2017 at 08:50 AM
      I had quite a few dreams, all were in a dark and cold environment.

      First I had a quite abstract and hazy dream about counting the numbers 1-9. Each time a number was counted I would be rocketed higher inside a cavernous underground quest. Then my parents were there doing something. And something about a cat too :3

      2nd in a poky kitchen, a hippyish woman with lank blond hair was kindly asking if I wanted something she had made. I was unsure about her due to her close proximity, fitting the thing around my neck and face. Also I was unsure as to whether she was giving it to me or trying to get me to buy it. It was made of a star, a cylinder shape and a babies bottle filled with flavoured water. The liquid smelt nice and comforting, I imagined it had cinnamon in it. After she had been talking for a while I noticed she had bags in cupboards and around filled with these products. I felt sorry for her that she had not managed to get rid of any.

      I moved away into a corridor adjoining the kitchen. I needed to pee but found I was now a woman with dark almost shoulder length straight hair. I went into one of the cubicles but felt I was being watched so I came out. There was a guy, a stranger, standing just outside the bathrooms. When I went out he went to grab and kiss me, I did not respond as this felt all wrong, I wasn't a woman.
      Next we were outside, and he was hiding me as he lay with lots of other soldiers on a pile of sandy earth. He was however unable to hide me and I was pulled up by whoever was in charge when a load of uniform men with guns turned up.
      They were wearing uniform that looked like dark grey or black, world war two with rifles.
      I was pushed over to a wall where I slumped and was shot at. I had clearly been shot a few times, as there was a load of blood that had splattered.

      note: I never know whether to categorise these as nightmare as I don't remember a lot of fear but I know before I have just not recalled the strong emotion. So I just put it down as that as there was a lot of emotional turmoil in the last dream section.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Early morning Apocalypse - commonality: colours, control

      by , 09-25-2017 at 09:45 AM
      D1 - Abstract kind of dream, different persona are fighting (a bit) over whos incharge of me. I see them as floating heads, in groups of 4, sort of in bubbles. The group in charge have a woman head honcho, she is distinctive as her face is white and green due to the lighting and her eyes are blue & green but the colours are split like when people try and get a 3d effect by splitting the colours on the image (to be reassembled via 3d glasses).

      D2 - There is an election going on with a load of people gathered in a park. I have had this park before in a dream about a college, in this dream however the white stone building in the centre of the park is a hall for voting.
      The campaigning party are represented by a fluorescent light Greek blue colour, which is floating around in the air (kind of).

      D3 - Had a rambling dream of travelling somewhere by bike I think.
      Then I set off to work early morning, feeling quite pleased with myself that I am organised and will arrive on time before rest of family are even up.
      I then look around in the early light and notice that in every direction there are towering plumes of black smoke, on the horizon. I think "oh shit, apocalypse" and hurry back home.
    6. wolfy

      by , 04-26-2017 at 06:50 PM
      I see man father wandering about in the near dark. He is enclosed by what look like cricket nets about 10ft tall around a square. I try to warn him but it is like i'm outside the dream trying to step in.
      He cannot hear me.
      A giant grey wolf the size of an elephant is prowling around the nets. There is a big hole, not that it would need one to get through.
      I force my way into the dream, first person. As I do two more wolves appear and notice me.
      They head towards me, i am prettified and struggling to overcome my fear.
      I have two guns that I need to thumb the triggers back on before I can fire. As the wolves get closer their heads transform into the heads of humans. I don't recognise them, just greasy long haired waxy men.
      The dream ends as I am trying to fire at them.
      Tags: dad, nets, night, wolf
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. How not to redecorate and lost!! nightmare

      by , 03-29-2017 at 07:10 PM
      My recall has been mehhh for a while, i've been sick, so my journal entries have got shorter and shorter...Now is the time to plum the depths of my memories to do these scraps justice, and let them loose on the world (well type em up).

      D1 - Very vivid dream,I notice in a very small room, that for some reason I know is very high up...Is it an attic maybe? Yes behind me was a hatch door. There is a window with a thin white curtain with bright light streaming in. Anyway I notice a roughly painted hinge on the wall in front of me that is green and blue. It needs touching up with blue paint. So I get a paint brush but no sooner do I than the world literally turns upside down. I hang on for dear life as the room is tipped upside down. I have a feeling of my stomach lurching like on a fairground ride. The room stops moving and I notice a can of black paint has emptied onto the floor, fortunately also a load of clothes seems to have been dumped there too, on top of the paint.
      Next the room starts to move again and the hatch behind me flies open, I hang on desparately again, feeling im going to fall any minute.

      D2 - With my parents somewhere in the countryside I need to go pee, so I leave them in search.
      I head down a path in the afternoon sun, it heads down between trees on a woodland path.
      They're are people about everywhere so I can't find anywhere to pee. I search and search, eventually I try and head back the way I came and come across some kind of cave. I have a great deal of trouble getting out, it is very dark and cold. There is a European woman with blonde hair there. I have to climb up a stair case which seems to be made of dental plastic braces things, ugh. They are moving all over the place making my progress very unsteady.
      Eventually I get out and am near a pavilion style hut and a boy steps out and shoves me in the right direction. I get to a type of marble underground station. I think it is called "talos" but am unsure.
      I have a old fashioned gold wrist watch with buttons on it that I use as a phone to try and contact my family. I get through to them but feel I am lost and can't get back to them as I don't know whether I am imagining thing or am where I think I am. Desperately I use my powers to transmit myself hologram style to where they are but my powers fade and I am lost.
    8. night 13 - bolt holes?

      by , 01-27-2017 at 06:39 PM
      In a large split office room, workers are crammed in chatting loudly. A voice comes over speaking telling us to shut the noise down. I am agitated as I didn't hear anything saying we couldnt speak.
      Apparently our company has been taken over by a big corporation and we are all being interviewed.
      Pretty well everybody files off into the next room, except me and two others one I recognise as an old lady mate and one as Anthony from work. Eventually we have to go to.
      I head off from the white office through some big darkened glass doors. I see loads of people being lined up to have a test.
      I see that people are being injected in their necks and operated on. They have four big chunks taken out of their necks at the front.
      I think hell no! and start to back off but hear that even if you don't want a job the operation is compulsory.
      The door I came through is now locked.
      With part adrenalin part powers I break the door open and get out of there.
      Finding myself outside in a street. I try to fly but can't for some reason, and so set off on foot.
      It is sunny day, with a clear blue sky and a townscape that feels American
      I know people are coming after me and I head down one street but find all streets are shut off.
      Going through someone's house I find a back window and try and squeeze through.
      At this point officials bust through the door and an old lady their starts to blab on me, so I use a pressure point hold on her to knock her out.

      By now I am lucid,
      Getting out the front window just in time to see a long car pull up. I cross the road just as he is getting out.
      He pulls a long rifle or shotgun up and out as I try to fly, I crash into him and smash him into the car which crumples. I am flying at last and head up and over the town scape.
      Panic and teleport to my apartment. I hunt around for things to take with me. Soon enough I feel the people are closing in again.

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      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Vivid nightmare and Lucid sky castle of eagles

      by , 12-16-2016 at 07:15 PM
      Went to sleep and dreamt of being in a bunk bed like when I was a kid. It was incredibly vivid.
      It felt very oppressive in the pitch dark, closed in by darkness and silence in the room.
      (When I was a kid and lived in the countryside it was silent and pitch dark at night).
      I could then see myself 3rd person view from above, looking stark white in the dark of the room, huddled up.
      In my head I was thinking "come on bring it on, do you worst!" whatever you are. And tensed for something to strike me. Nothing happened.
      It was all so vivid and intense that when I woke, my mind was awake but i was still half a sleep.

      So when I went straight back to sleep I was lucid.

      I was inside a broken down school, there was a dark corridor with a pipe broken spraying water everywhere and broken masonery. Two boys in green school uniform were heading towards me, hands in pockets.
      I thought to myself last time I was lucid I couldn't control much, so I took direct action.
      Grabbing the first boy that came towards me by the face, I said take me to see the person I want to see, now!
      He didn't have much say in the matter,looking at me wide eyed, he complied. We moved on and through some double doors met a giant man about 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing a blue medical gown. We were now in a hospital. He was blind and I could see wounds where his eyes had been. He was very strong, I could feel power pouring from him and without speaking I went with him (there was no need to speak).
      We went along a corridor which which led into the front reception area of a large hospital.
      There a large number of patients were sat in wheelchairs, in front of a row of glass doors to the exit.
      The sun was shinning brightly into the entrance foyer.
      The person I wanted to see was there in the closest wheelchair, her hair was fine and blonde hanging straight, she wore a silky white robe.
      She got up from the wheelchair and took my hand. The giant took my other hand and we left the hospital and went out into the sun.
      The site before me I will never forget. The sky , a beautiful greek blue, and the sun dazzling.
      Above was the most amazing site, towering dizzily high above me was an immense floating castle.
      The highest towers were in the shape of gigantic eagles. All parts of the tower were so black that it was almost hypnotic to look at them. I don't know if they were black because of the shadow from the bright sun or something else.
      We flew together up, higher and higher with a feeling of great power, security and happiness washing over me. The giant was in the lead pulling me higher, then me, then she.
      We went higher and higher, this bit went on for a long time, hard to describe but it was wonderful

      Had two false awakenings where I tried to write dream up in journal, but was only dreaming it lol

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    10. Living it large?

      by , 10-27-2016 at 12:14 PM
      D1 - Staying in a vast room, it is the size of a warehouse with very heigh ceiling. The space is filled with mattresses, like minecraft blocks. I am most appropriately sleeping there.
      I cannot get off to sleep however as there is a fox roaming about, also possibly some other creatures.
      I decide I need to pee and get up and start climbing the mattresses to the other side, near the way in where I know there are some washing facilities.
      Only trouble is when I get to the other side of the hill of mattresses I find a sharp slope, and I slip slide helplessly to a massive gap. A drop so far down , probably the equivalent of about five floors up but due to the fear invoked seems like bottomless.
      I fall and fall and fall, I feel to my certain death. However my fall is broken by a metal grid to one side.
      My leg is mashed and cut by the collision but my descent is slowed and I land in a crumpled heap unconscious.


      D2 - I am in a desert and am deciding what character I should be. I decide on a guy who is unshaven and wears a kind of a poncho, he is skilled in martial arts. I also need to collect a selection of people for my group. This process goes on and on as I make different selections.

      D3 - I wake up in a sunny bedroom, the bedroom is shared with many children but is empty now. I move to the breakfast room, which has a massive (again lol) wooden table, filled with breakfast plates and bowls and loads of bacon and eggs and other foods. Only one child is there, she has blonde hair and wants me to eat but I am not hungry, in fact I feel nausea.
      Outside in the garden, my father has a giant swimming pool and is filling it with water. In the dream my phobia of not being able to turn off water returns and I spend much time worried about this.

      I thought my phobia had disappeared or weakened but it seems I may have somehow suppressed it?? Is that even possible with a phobia.
    11. holy water daughter or don't throw the baby out with the bath water?

      by , 08-23-2016 at 06:04 PM
      Idk why my daughter is always, always about four or five in my dreams???

      Panic dream about making the water too hot.
      We are in a church, but of course! The pews are lined up to make avenues for the water, for a bath. There are of course great gaps but this doesn't matter as I turn on a gigantic tap which gushes loads of water. The whole church starts to fill up with water.
      I realise that the water is getting to hot and try to turn it off. It will not turn off at the facet.
      Running around everywhere to find how to turn off the tap, i am breathless. I run outside and down the street. Then back in a loop totally panicked through a overhead gallery in the church, where people are using laptops at desks. I jump down from on high this a thwunk onto one of the desks. The kiddo with glasses doesn't bat an eyelid and I land back down into the church.
      My daughter is not boiled, fortunately but I am so freaked in the dream that this cycles a few times.

      In most dreams where I am to worried I have zero lucidity hence I think I need to concentrate more on relaxing before sleepy time??

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      Tags: bath, child, church, water
      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. Another night Another nightmare

      by , 08-10-2016 at 04:41 PM
      At some social gathering im watching in third person.
      All is happy and celebratory, they are outside in formal dress.
      it has been a sunny day and now the light is waxing.
      A stunningly beautiful woman in a white dress appears to be spinning slightly holding a wine glass. She is bare foot on the grass.
      Everything up till now has been very deceptive making what comes next all the worse. The woman is unfortunately insane and has no idea whatsoever what is going on.
      I feel horror then pity followed by great saddness.
      It gets worse but I cant bare to write it down even in my journal at home.
      Tags: white
      non-lucid , nightmare , side notes
    13. Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 8 - Nightmare 3 imaginary boys

      by , 08-09-2016 at 06:17 PM
      Nightmare - I am only a small boy in my dream. At a garden fete, i'm making serious choices about cake. Then I wandered off up a path it reminded me of Japanese town scape. I went up some stairs then through shrubbery. I suddenly feel a presence, I feel pressure from all around. I look up to see people closing in. They are wearing old style tank top think jumpers and have lank long hair but no face.
      I feel immediately that they are not happy bunnies I feel a cold chill from them. I try to escape but they are much bigger than me, in their late teens and tower over me. They are pressing closer and closer silently. I feel they are smiling maliciously.
      I make a break for a house (again Japanese, multilevel house) . I am swallowed up with hopelessness.
      Again I break away and get out the back door and then scramble up onto the roof and again higher.
      I wake myself up.

      I feel I should go back into the dream and face them but can't get back to sleep. I ponder a lot on significance of dream.

      Tags: faceless, fear
      nightmare , memorable
    14. Homelessness Nightmare

      by , 08-04-2016 at 02:45 PM
      Dream - Me and my daughter (aged 3 or do in dream) wander along streets. We cannot go home and find a place with lodgings.
      We get a room, which is bare of course. The room gets broken into and total paranoia sets in. I try to stash the few belongings we have someplace safe. Then returning to the lodgings place queue up.
      I dont have the things I need paperworkwise but dont want to leave the queue otherwise there will be no accomodation. The owner rings around and checks. Theyre is somewhere far off and it is already late at night. But I dont have paperwork so just leave. Am offered water but I see is some big pool out back looks like contaminated.
      We leave and head off into the night.

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    15. escape

      by , 07-10-2016 at 07:05 PM
      D1 - In a large house with sprawling corridors, like a hotel, all is dark. My daughter is a baby in her bed. I go to check on her and the scene suddenly changes to very tense. I find a giant rat, its head is bigger than mine, about twice the size and its is about to bite my throat. It is looking at me and I am willing it not to attack. I notice that in the doorway, there are horrible spidery grubbs that are clustered there, some dropping down. I pull a large blade out of nowhere and am hesitating whether to stab the rat which is poised to attack. We are eyeball to eyeball.

      D2 - Helping someone to write a document on computer, I give them the correct filename it is 16 digits long, lol, a code. There are a series of many documents with a similar code that need to be entered?

      D3 - I am in a horrible appartment, with a sofa in the kitchen area. There is a cover thrown over it as someone has been sleeping on it.
      A large burly man with a bald head, is after me for something, not sure might be debts. I run out of kitchen and down a corridor. The corridor has a zillion identical looking doors. I take the one on the end and hide in there and find a large mallet with a long handle. I lay in wait for the man.
      Tags: chased
      non-lucid , nightmare
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