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    In pursuit of Happiness

    by , 06-06-2018 at 07:30 AM (201 Views)
    Slipping back into dream I found myself in a bathroom, somebody came to the door and I was worried about them coming in but then I became lucid and started thinking about where I should go. I cut a heart shaped hole in the carpet with my mind and escaped. I had the idea of finding happiness in my mind. So teleported to a bar with lots of people but this seemed mundane and I was disinterested in the people. So I flew up and out deciding I would try and find somewhere warm and paradise like.
    I flew at super speed up in the clouds, which made everything so blurry below like warp drive, so I had to keep stopping to see where I was.
    After a few warps I descended down to a very hot tropical beach and walked along bare foot by the sea. There were lots of stones washed up and the beach and a few crabs and things in the shallows. The sun was super hot so I walked inland. I got to a small rustic village with iron work slightly rusted, and in need of a lick of paint.
    There were holiday makers there and a children's club xD
    Holidays when my daughter was little were some of the happiest memories I have, so that's where I ended up.

    I had wanted to get lucid for a while, as I couldn't understand a Buddhist method. The conceptual difference between entering an altered state where the 5 senses have been withdrawn and entering the dream state (where you are not aware of your body).
    Thanks to the dream I can see the big difference very clearly

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