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    On a Quest

    by , 02-13-2017 at 08:06 PM (400 Views)
    D1 - Im in a land where people go on adventures and quests for things. I return with some others and find at the border a trading post which is a rectangular hut staffed with some peculiar characters. Me and my buddies decide we could set up our own trading house with are own characters (one had a strange bird I remember and a large grey wizard style hat, but she had glasses and a wide smile).

    D2 - At the end of a holiday I am returning and am lumbered with the task of taking some bizarre photos of a cliff side residence. I decline as it would mean hanging out of a helicopter on a wire. Due to social etiquette
    we cannot completely escape and are dragged into a social gathering on a hillside mansion, looking out over the sea. It is a blindingly sunny day and all the guests (spanish?) are dressed in their finest. I and my daughter have to prepare a giant cake. The icing itself is exquisite, old fashioned cars and buildings being made out of the white icing.

    D3 - I am across the road from a doctors office and want to get in without being seen. I become invisible and slip into the waiting room. I am trying to get something and crawl across the floor but have to play dead as they are so close to me they could hear me breathing.

    2nd WBTB I am trying to get lucid again
    D4 - All I can manage to get is a little lucidity as I try and manifest someone in my dream. Only her foot appears Oo poking out. As I lay on some sand.

    D5 - Trying again, the woman I am trying to make appear. Appears but is in cartoon form. I am a lumbering ape or monster next to her graceful form.
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    1. Serene's Avatar
      OMG you sure had a lot of dreams! Very good recall! You are too funny with these dreams. The cake sounds yummy and cool shapes, but trying to imagine you crawling around the office floor is hysterical. The last two made me laugh.
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    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      D1: sounds like you watched Harry Potter again, lol. But also sounds like you drew from what you know & created a fun dream. I think some of our dreams are just good old fashioned fun from the real world. Sounds like you were relieving stress in your dream. Which is a good sign for your waking life. I'd bet when you woke up, that you were in a good mood.
      D2: Maybe you feel pushed into doing things that you don't want to do & the dream felt too close to home so to speak. Therefore, you inserted your daughter with a whimsical theme to escape that feeling.
      D3: I love it when you become invisible. That's so hard for me normally because I almost never see myself at all. But of course you could just "feel " invisible. My dreams are more like the "feeling" sensation rather than seeing any part of myself. It's a "knowing".
      D4 & D5: Trying to conjure someone into being is usual easy for you. At least you got a foot.
      D6: I love the whole cartoon version! And the contrast of yourself being a lumbering ape or monster probably helped ground her there by using the contrast. Very impressive.
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