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    weird shit

    by , 03-14-2017 at 07:35 PM (419 Views)
    D1 - Working in a big glass building's kitchen. J is in charge of us and I am assigned to get the food supplies for all the cooks. Pissed off with this I use my powers to create a fake business card and change the dream so I have a job with another company. All the others are impressed/surprised.
    I then try and leave but can't get out of the place, all the buildings seem to close in around me. Trying to go through a building I end up trapped in a corridor that has twisted at the end. I am up again some white wooden window frames. using my powers I buzz saw through them, sparks flying.
    D2 - Watching 3rd person I see myself with someone having sex, I don't know who it is I can only see there butt lol.
    D3 - I'm in some shared dwelling and I find that the cupboard where I store my water has been used by some other resident as their toilet Oo.

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    Tags: cooking, white, work


    1. Serene's Avatar
      You did all of that without being lucid?
      I see your pattern of your white rooms and your glass buildings and houses. Seems like that is all good. LOL on the second one and third eeeeeeewwwwwwwww! Do you feel pissed on?