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    Work dream and Wake back to bed

    by , 05-21-2016 at 02:27 PM (438 Views)
    D1 - Annoying boss is trying to fool me into doing some work, complaining that my work is not up to standard. She is sitting side saddle on a desk, talking total crap (no change there) to a trainee. I ignore her comments and walk off.

    I try wake back to bed, focusing on last nights dream, about being in a large house
    D2 - I see the white kitchen door in my dream. The paint on the door starts to flake as if time is speeded up or under the heat of a flame gun. The bumps and undulations of the flakes turn into folds of fabric, transforming the door into a light emerald green almost see through fabric. It is now a door but also a green blouse being worn by a lady, with long black hair. There is a brightness, from within maybe causing the see through state of the blouse. The door is now a double door and swings open as I am filled with joy, as it is the persons chest and heart opening to me.

    I awake with the vision still in my head, feeling very emotional. I try to get back to sleep but am now wide awake, it is about 4am.

    I pulled these tarot cards today, which are relevant to yesterday's dream and possibly this one.

    The embrace card has a plant growing from deep underground!
    and the manifest card as a snake like white energy
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Intense! I like it! Very cool. I love it when dreams are so full of emotion that you wake feeling as if it actually happened!
      Nebulus and lunagoddess like this.
    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      As I don't have many lucids these days, I seem to get the intensity and vividness on coming out of the dream, often with visions and serious emotional surges.
      Elaineylane likes this.
    3. Elaineylane's Avatar
      All right, magical doors! Well if can't be lucid than at least you got a cool vivid. Those are always fun.