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    August of the lion

    by , 08-01-2019 at 11:46 AM (349 Views)
    This august began particularly interestingly
    This night I dreamt that lions were walking around in the streets...a lot of them..They were all calm , not shredding people to bits left and right, but people still were scared of course...
    I just went somewhere with mom when suddenly I saw a lion, then from the next street came a bunch of em ....males ,females, little ones
    a big one with a mane even rubbed itself on me like a cat ... I was scared as heck but I kept silent, walking slowly advised the same to mom because "they don't bite you if you don't scare them"
    ,or so I thought..

    Anyways after getting out of there to a different street , after a lot of WTF-ing I woke up

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