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    Big freaking snakes

    by , 10-16-2020 at 12:06 PM (275 Views)
    I dreamt that after a heavy rain, a lot of water was flowing down the hill, among the streets.
    I didnt pay much mind to it, I went to the shop. Then encountered a big fckoff COBRA, but it wasnt any kind of cobra , it was FLYING all over the place. Its morphology was unique:Its lower half was of a light colour , cant tell which, the top, was vibrant red, with the hood stretching all over it's body, acting as a wing to catch wing, while doing this swirly motion mid air , supposedly to maneuver itself. I got really scared, it somehow flew up and charged me , I fell on the ground and covered my face, but nothing happened, it just went away. I ran home like mad while seeing a bunch of these things flying around, told mom, closed windows ,door , I was panicking like mad, then started to see reptillians even, flooding the street , and maybe even lions?
    Someone told me that this event will die off once all the water flows down from the mountains... Nobody was worrying that much about it..but I was furious

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