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    Crazy Train dream #n

    by , 05-16-2022 at 10:49 AM (259 Views)
    I have a very mildly recurring type of dreams
    its always about a train trip to somewhere
    the first ones were ok, nothing really unusual
    I saw some plains, steppes, it was nice

    This time it was different
    I was going to Vienna for some reason, some kind of event idk
    but I didnt book at any hotel , so I thought I'll have to survive on the streets for like few days
    anyways I got on
    it turned into something like a rollercoaster but with trains
    there were jumps and hoops sometimes
    one particular case I remember was that the train went under a bridge
    made a jump the an ollie, the whole train was gliding on the tracks sideways
    then went back to normal
    I was really scared for a moment
    the train conductor didnt even flinch, like if that's a normal part of a train trip

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    Tags: crazy, stunt, train
    non-lucid , dream fragment