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    Nef's dream journal

    Dream Paralysis

    by , 10-08-2019 at 01:54 PM (366 Views)
    I fell asleep with a bit of tension in my mind . I became lucid at this oddly constructed bus .
    I was sitting there looking out a window and then suddenly I realized that a woman was sitting tightly behind me with her kid.
    I cursed at her with a scottish accent (thank you limmy) then I asked the dream to transport me where I should be
    then I suddenly woke up.

    Or I thought so.
    To my suprise my cousin was standing by my bed watching me menacingly, he was saying something I didn't understand, then my vision gut blurry and all, I was in sleep paralysis so i felt like I could barely move or move my face but i stumbled out of bed partially paralyzed. I knew it was not him, I thought I'm being burglarized by someone who I hallucinated to be my cousin. He then went out and I heard noises like if things are being packed . I tried to stand up and look at him while repeatedly asking who he is...
    Aand then I woke up for real, realizing none of it was real.

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