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    Dreams are real... kinda ...sometimes ... I think

    by , 01-19-2020 at 02:40 PM (354 Views)
    I dreamt that I moved into this big mansion , multi leveled house, with questionable (satanist) exterior design...
    And I shared this house with another family too, they were kind and friendly, but I had my own part of the house they had theirs and we shared a living room I think?
    Since I felt like I should have some intimate spaces only I can access, I opened these little rifts into empty space on top of this big house, there was no roof, I just reached into empty space and made a room or two
    later in one of my rooms I found some old drawings from around 2015 when I found out about this anime\manga I used to watch
    and I remembered them ,and I found it cringy that I did draw these fanfic things in the dreams I had around that time , and the nostalgia was so real ,and so vivid
    apparently I used to draw a lot in dreams since I was a natural in dreams
    and these stuff remained, even the memory of it, I can only access them when I dream
    Like old items, but they only exist in a dream
    but somehow they remained...
    in my head

    It was kinda baffling to encounter something I did years ago in a dream....and remember it ...in a dream...
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