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    Goddamn Lightning

    by , 04-04-2017 at 11:45 AM (328 Views)
    I got into a dream, I was not lucid this time cuz lewd thoughts distracted me.

    I was at home, just finished having a bath, I also see that my parents washed their hair. I was talking on discord to some buddy of mine, sitting on my bed.
    I looked out the window, and saw that the weather is rainy ,and I actually heard thunder. I wondered " how could this happen? thunder at this time of the year?"
    Then it started to get louder, and I told my buddy on discord that i gotta go. turned off the phone , and then suddenly saw my parents outside in the rain with wet hair .
    I thinked to myself " they will get struck by lightning if they keep doing this" , tried to tell them to get in. But it was too late, for a lightning near them stroke , and it was so strong , I felt the electricity going through my body. My senses dimmed , and I got paralysed, couldnt hear well ,I couldnt even scream, only moan a bit. I suddenly found my parents inside the house, they were fine, they sat down, but they couldnt hear me ask for help.
    I just moaned here and hugged my legs and slowly collapsed on the floor in terror. It felt so real ,and I legit thought that I may die now.
    Then I woke up.

    What I experienced was in fact sleep paralysis, and soemhow I already felt it

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    Tags: bath, lightning
    non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening , memorable