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    It's over , Anakin!

    by , 06-11-2017 at 04:27 PM (645 Views)
    I'm in a forest with my friend. Its fall in the dream, there are barely any leaf on the trees , its about afternoon.
    For some reason my rage overcomes me and now I want to kill him, I grab a stone and throw it in his direction, but it didnt get him. Then I chase him for a while, he climbs up on that hill full of trees. I follow him, I remember Star Wars, and the "high ground" so I continue to climb, once i got there, he starts to back up , but instead of following him , I climb up on that big branch that has fallen off and is on another tree. Then I screamed " It's over , Anakin! I have the high ground!" , then as an echo I hear the answer " You underestimate my power! " , I say " Don't try it" . Then at this point it all goes foggy and I dont remember what happened after wards.

    In a ltely fragment I remember fightning someone, then i became semi lucid, and tried to jump on the next level of that building where my enemy was . then i woke up.
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    1. rebeccaprophet's Avatar
      The forest could symbolize your desire to wander. It may be a realization that you want to be or are a faerie or an elf. Don't take the fight literally. Think about fighting as a symbol and remember that you don't choose your dreams. What is it in your life that you are struggling with, fighting? Think about that. You might be needlessly fighting off something you love, like a hobby, maybe because of depression, or fighting work, a suggestion to find a vocation ( a calling from God, to do something you love that helps people and brings joy to you, other people, and the world). You could be secretly fighting demons unaware. (Anyways, the dream belongs to the dreamer so think about what YOU think this dream fragment means.) Another idea...look at the climbing too, and the tree. Find out which symbol is the main symbol. Perhaps nature is becoming a sanctuary for you.
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    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Lol. Can't resist the urge. to post this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG83LxMIJaM
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