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    Kidnapping a baby from a wild amazonian(?) tribe

    by , 08-01-2018 at 02:23 PM (376 Views)
    I've been in a big complex in the middle of the jungle , it was a headquarters for a tribe. Made of something strong , it was basically four walls in a cube form, they were really tall ,like a tower and on them were holes and structures made of wood ,latters , lil shacks and stuff , strategic points. On the Inside were wooden bridges to go between the segments. The tribe used spears ,and arrows , and such weaponry, and there were also that long stick that had something really flexible tied to it, with something stingy and poisonous and sharp at the end of the string. I posessed one of those things.

    My mission was to kidnap a baby and bring the baby into civilisation. I had a companion , who worked outside in a helicopter , was covering me I think? I was going in with stealth, infiltarted the base somehow from above ,and looked for a baby.
    But at a point some tribesmen saw me and started to chase me on the bridges , shooting arrows and trying to catch me with that poision fishing stick thing. I was flying across the bridges by using that stick thing I flung it under the bridge so it hooks onto the bridge then jumped down the other side and swung myself in the sky like spiderman, it was amazing.
    Then at a point I got the baby and escaped through the helicopter. The companion was my supposed girlfriend who drove the helicopter .
    Then I got detached from the scene and the characters held a conversation on their own
    and they said something like this

    "- I feel sorry for this kid , he may not going to live like their savage parents but in the end hes going to be just another brick in the wall ,probably a grocery shop seller somewhere in -something latin sounding city name- " said the guy who I was just a minute ago

    +That's how our job is , what can u do -said the woman

    -Idk , overthrow the system ?

    +Hell no , especially when my job is what supports the system.

    Then I had an epiphany or something like that.. Indeed , people are afraid of change, they cling to their status . There can be "new ways" that would new and good , but people are afraid of losing ,and even more...they hate to learn new things, its too bothersome for them , so they will stay with the old ways even if its not so beneficial for anyone
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