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    Nef's dream journal


    by , 05-21-2018 at 11:19 AM (386 Views)
    I was in some sort of a surreal game with a group of people
    We were placed into a place and we didn't know what to do
    There was several levels
    The first one was called moama and everyone died, it was some sort of island but then men and women dressed in red and black came, they had an empty look or smile on their faces and just stood here I heard weird noises and suddenly everyone started to die Like of they're being scrapped into bloody pieces
    Then we got respawned at another place, it was a forest and in the middle of it, a hill, we took shelter there
    We didn't understand wtf is going on, in the end we agreed to avoid those ppl called the melachim, we named them that cuz we thought they're the ones organising this game
    The next time they came, we saw them emerging from the hill we hid with haste I think some of us died but most of us survived and we actually won this game
    So we came to the conclusion that in order to win we must avoid contact with the melachim at all cost
    That's how we can survive
    The thing is that when they came they usually came from a great distance and they walked really fast, also a weird drum or music or noise could be heard when they were near and electronics Got Jammed
    In anther instance I was traveling in a subway when they turned up, I was standing in front of a little corridor between two wagons
    That's where they appeared as those persons who check the tickets at a train

    Me and a few ppl hid by the window shitting bricks, the door to the corridor saved my ass cuz it hid me from the melachim
    But as they came I knew I will have to go to anotger room and so I did just when the humanoid was about to enter through the corridor I stepped through anther door and sat down among ppl and pretended to be npc
    It worked but when the melachim was just behind me cuz they also entered this place looking for us I got super dizzy but I survived
    And won the match
    Next time I was watching other ppl doing this game on YouTube and somehow i got into one of the games
    There was an empty city
    Youth were having fun it was teenager kids walking around, the lights were on and it was sunset
    Then they found a
    Shopping cart
    And there was a kids face in it
    A fat kids face in a cube like shape in it
    I told the kids that is possibly not a good idea to play with this since it's a surreal object probably placed there by the melachim, but they didn't mind it, they started to roll down the street by riding it
    Then it happened
    I heard an electric noise, then the majority of the citys lights got turned off
    We was like holy shit
    We then knew they're there
    We went on to hide, a young guy said it's OK cuz he still got his phones light, I argued its use saying the complete darkness is better cuz we have to hide
    And then I think I woke up

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