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    Nef's dream journal


    by , 08-21-2021 at 01:11 PM (191 Views)
    I was in a valley that had huge platforms and the army was coming monthly to ritually transfer raw materials to the people there(edited)
    And I was able to fly kinda
    On the way there at night some **** kept annoying me so I tied her up and threw her down a mountain and she rolled into a giant oven to which the entrance was a large platform of almost melting hot steel and she burned alive in that(edited)
    I kinda felt guilty and condemned because I already killed a few innocent people in my dreams
    Then I saw the transfer ritual , a bunch of people and trucks on top of eachother just circling in a weird way and I only heard loud scratching noise of iron or something rusty idk
    After that I was babysitting a little girl who was kinda sweet , really interested in the world, and we and some people went to a Berber village , and I had a slingshot thing that made getting to rooftops easy, and I was in an assassin robe for some reason, hood and all
    I was kinda relieved when I woke up and realize that I didn't kill anyone

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