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    The Getaway, Motocross, Flirting and Home

    by , 08-13-2013 at 09:36 PM (764 Views)
    3 dreams and one fragment. The first is about a getaway from a threatening situation or people, the 2nd one is the fragment, it is about motocross in a forest. There is much more to it, but I can't recall more details. The 3rd entry is a pleasant dream about flirting with a married woman (I forgive myself, she is beautiful). The 4th is about coming home:

    • I am together with my brother. We run away from something or someone, it is a threatening situation and I run for my life, I am very fearful. We are in the ground floor of a building with narrow corridors and white walls. I have the impression that my brother is not really aware of the danger of the situation, so I yell at him to convince him to move faster and to follow me.

      We come to an elevator, 2 or 3 people are waiting for it and I decide to move upstairs as well, as it seems to be the only way to go. But there is no time to wait I think, so I chose a narrow circular stair to the right of the elevator and run upwards, while again reminding my brother that we have no time to rest, or 'they/it' may get us.

      I tell him 'don't worry about grandmother, she will be alright as she has always been. She has lived most of her days happily, just leave her behind and let her go'. As I say that I feel that I myself also have trouble leaving her behind and letting her go, but I force myself to do that and to continue running, so that I am a good example for my brother to follow.

      On the second floor we climb out of the window and slide down a slanted roof. I think it's fun to slide down here, but then the fear of the people/thing following us takes over again. We land in the garden of the house, where I find an air pump. I pick it up, just in case I could use it as a weapon. We encounter a gardener, who is raking leaves. He says something, but I don't trust him, he might be part of the complot (after all, I didn't even know exactly what we were running away from). I consider piking up a rake lying next to me and just beat the gardener to the ground, but then I decide it's best to just leave. We walk out of the garden and the fear wears off.

      I don't know what I was afraid of and running away from. But I was scared, that is for sure. I don't know what the passage with our grandmother means. I rarely experience fear in dreams, but I appreciate it afterwards, when I do, because it makes the dream very vivid and detailed, as the fear forces me to be completely in the moment or situation.

    • I am riding a motocross bike on small forest paths. There is dense vegetation and small hills. The bike is light, but strong, so that it easily rides on almost any terrain. I ride in a group with some other people, I have a lot of fun.

      I find myself on a broad road between some fields, riding the bike. I have lost the group, which makes me sad and I try to find them again. I ask some hikers to help me, they direct me to a small house in the forest and they claim that this is a sort of meeting point for hikers and bikers. So I go there and I am happy to meet 2 people from the group to rejoin. We go into the small house to rest a bit and maybe to find some others.

      I know there is more content in this dream, but this fragment is all I can recall. The forest paths were beautiful and the bikes were really cool, I had a lot of fun.

    • I have a conversation with a beautiful, young, blond woman. We are on a small hill under some big and wide trees, the scenery is very calm and relaxing. We are with some people we both know, but I only talk to her.

      We are in a bus, I sit in the back end of the bus at the left window, the blond woman is in the seat in front of me, but she has turned around to talk to me. She has a cute face and short blond curls, I think I am in love with her. But somehow I also know that she is married, so I am not sure how to behave. I decide to ignore the beautiful landscape outside the window and to look beyond my morals and doubts straight into her eyes. As I force myself to do that, I find that it is not at all uncomfortable, but rather it is the most natural and pleasant thing to just rest my eyes in hers. Suddenly my fears of being hurt and my doubts about the moral situation seem ridiculous and I give her my undivided attention. Wow she is beautiful, I think, while she talks (I'm not really listening ).

      I want everything about her, now, there is no doubt. I sense that she feels the same way, but that we both are unsure how to express that. We walk along the ocean between a forest to the right and a beach to the left. She takes my hand and we just walk, saying nothing. I think, wow, I almost forgot how good this feels!

      I had several dreams about cute, blond women recently, but I don't know how to relate that to my waking life or why or where it comes from. I guess I have just been single for a while and maybe I am just ready for someone new? In any case it was a nice experience, I am certainly open for more dreams with her

    • I am in a residential area and I walk on small paths between tall houses. A boy, who looks Korean/Chinese, walks past me. He makes some clicking noises behind me and as I turn around, he suddenly has a bike and he rides away. I wonder where the hell did he pull that bike out? But then I just move on. I decide to turn around and go to my mothers place.

      The apartment door of my mothers place looks a lot like the door of my room I think, as I stand in front of it. There is light and noises coming from the workroom, so I figure that my stepfather is at home. There is no door handle, though. So I investigate the door further and I find out that it is opened by a little light switch. I am now inside the apartment in the hallway, but all doors are closed. I know that everyone is at home, because I can somehow sense their presence, but I don't want to draw attention to myself yet, so I go into the kitchen. There are 3 burned pizzas in the oven and the oven door is open. I sit down and enjoy the calmness, peace and idyll of the situation. Smells and feels like being home and everything is alright as it is.

      The bike coming out of nothing should have made me more curious or even lucid, because I noticed it in great details and even wondered about it. But somehow I just went on with my walk. The apartment is not the real one, but purely dream fiction. It was a pleasant dream nevertheless, it had the comforting feeling of being home.

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