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    Hello again !

    by , 09-07-2015 at 01:57 PM (290 Views)
    I have a new car for about a month now. Here is one small lucid fragment from last night:

    I am driving in my new car. It is clean and black inside. It smells very nice and I love being in it because it is so comfortable. I drive for no reason with no destination or goal, just for the fun of it, like I did so many times in the past days. The vegetation is rich and intensely green to my right side.

    Suddenly there is a car coming from the right. I hit the brakes as hard as I can, because I have to give way for the other car. It is red and has advertising badges all over, also it looks like it has had some accidents before and there are dents on its door.

    I suddenly get lucid! Still my foot is on the brake and it takes a long time before it stands still and it makes a very loud noise. I didn't hit the other car but it was very close. I investigate my surroundings, knowing that I am dreaming. Then everything fades and disappears slowly and finally I am left with NOTHING except the knowing that I am dreaming.

    So now everything is black and I still know that this is a dream, but somehow there is no content whatsoever. It feels strange and unexpected, a little creepy too. Then the idea pops into my mind that I can just choose to wake up right now if I wanted to or I could keep on dreaming. I know in this moment that I have the complete freedom of choice. I remember that I had planned to have a LD when I went to bed and it worked! So I am excited about being lucid and I choose to keep on dreaming.

    Then I hear voices from all sides, getting louder and louder. They become screams of fear and very loud.

    I wake up with a very dry mouth. I think it's cool that I could just decide to have a LD that night.

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