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    I Demand a Girlfriend!

    by , 08-16-2013 at 06:25 PM (472 Views)
    Two dream scenes from last night, I was sexually aroused in both of them. I think there is more content than I can remember and this time it annoys me. I would really like to know more about the plots.

    • I find myself in an underground tunnel. It is dark. There are two workers operating at a huge monster machine. I recognize one of them as an old acquaintance from my former soccer team, so we greet each other. They are digging the tunnel with the huge machine and they lay down train tracks for the new subway. I wonder what I am doing here and how I managed to get here, no idea.

      I missed one of my recurring dream signs there, train tracks. Also, I did not remember to RC, when I found out that I had no clue how I got there. Gotta start working on prospective memory again!

      I try to get out of the tunnel, so I just start walking. When I hear one of the workers telling me that this is the wrong way, I already stumble upon a huge rock wall in front of me. This must be the direction where they dig the tunnel. I go back and climb on the huge machine and walk on it in the other direction.

      I end up in a train station waiting hall. It is a big quadratic room with a quadratic pillar in the middle. The walls and the floor are white and light (or maybe it just occurs to me that way because I just came from a dark tunnel) and there are seats all the way along the walls. There are about 15 people sitting and waiting there.

      I am happy to see an old friend of mine waiting for me. She hugs me and I am surprised to see her, but it feels good. She is in good shape, she is sexy and has a beautiful face. I always found that she looked good, but she has always been a friend and not a potential sexual partner (it never even came to my mind, because back then, when I saw her often, we were both engaged in relationships). Now I get really excited about her and I hug her again, two or three more times because it feels so good. Her body is so soft and nice, man why have I never seen her from this perspective. She seems to enjoy, so I kiss her on her cheeks, which makes her look embarrassed, although she smiles.

      I wake up with an erection.

    • I am in a big wooden house. I find myself at the top end of a wooden staircase in the first floor under the roof. The tilted walls and the floor are made of wood as well. There are three people: one random guy, one guy I know from my secondary school and a girl from my university, whom I met around last Christmas. I think this is a weird situation, because there is no way in which they could know each other. But somehow they seem to live together in a student flat-sharing community. They go into their apartment and I decide to just invite myself and to join them because I am curious.

      We stand in the room and we talk and they seem very relaxed. They suggest that we go into their whirlpool, sure why not. The girl immediately takes off her clothes and stands there completely naked in front of us three guys as if it was the most common thing in the world. I take a glance at her body, wow. She has a nice healthy skin color and she is very attractive. She has a sexy, curvy body with huge breasts and a perfect ass. It doesn't seem to bother the other two guys at all and they take off their clothes as well, but I start getting nervous.

      I would love to just look at her and to enjoy the exciting view of her body, but I am anxious that I might get an erection in front of the guys. So I force myself to not stare in her direction, although this is what I would like to do the most right now. I don't mind the presence of the naked girl at all, but I am embarrassed by the two guys being there and watching as well, I fear that I might not be able to control my hormones and to look silly in front of them.

      I take off my clothes and focus on my own body. To my satisfaction I conclude that it looks good and healthy. I force myself not to watch the perfect, attractive, naked female body in front of me and I go into the whirlpool. The water is hot, almost too hot, but I just go with it and it feels really nice, once I merge fully into the water.

      Once again I wake up with an erection, although I had none in the dream. But there was certainly a lot of sexual energy involved. This dream addressed the ashamed aspect of myself regarding sexuality. But there is no reason to be ashamed about the way god made us, it's perfect and beautiful. If only I had remembered that in the dream... damn she was hot!

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