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    Pumping more Meditation time in Waking Life

    by , 01-03-2018 at 10:29 PM (165 Views)
    It has been recommended to (1) increase awareness, (2) critical assessment to waking life, and (3) memory capacity. One of the ways to increase awareness is through meditation, something I am familiar with since I have been working on lucidity. In collaboration with meditation, knowing dreamsigns that occur in dreams and in waking life also increase awareness.

    What I shall dedicate myself to for more lucidity is the following:
    (1) 10 minutes of varying meditation (either breathing or the [LINK_TO_ANCHOR]Dream Yoga awareness meditation suggested by Sivason[/LINK_TO_ANCHOR])
    (2) Reality checking a recurring dreamsign

    Number (1) is impressive as there are meditative methods, before Western science has its eyes on lucidity, to practice in waking life for preparation of lucidity. While this is obvious to many people, I find dream yoga to be a unifying theory of diverse meditative methods for lucidity. It is more critical for me to have a paradigm to work with rather than a splitter of ideas to work from.

    Number (2) is important because I notice that in my dreams I don't have my pesonal monologue. In my waking life, I like to think to myself and play with ideas when being idle. In dreams, I don't have my essential psychological process from waking life, and I noticed this during my second lucid dream & my meditation. Therefore, I need to do a reality check when I notice I am not talking to myself.

    This is a lot of stuff to work for lucidity, but I always find this stuff rewarding as even if I don't have a lucid dream at the end of the day I still have wonderful dreams to work from.

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