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    Nocturn Core (Abridged)

    New Game Masters on WMBRO

    by , 08-30-2011 at 02:08 PM (524 Views)
    I was playing on WMBRO. The character rankings indicated that there were four level 194 players. I observed that one of them was a thief, and another was a novice. I couldn’t imagine how such a thing was possible. There were at least two new game masters who announced random things while I walked around on my character. Autumn voiced her suspicions that these high level characters belonged to the game masters. How else would they have leveled so quickly?

    I wandered into a dungeon that combined elements of the Toy Factory with Glastheim. An abysmal knight and at least thirty other monsters attacked me in a swarm, but I was able to destroy them with ease. I sensed that I was using the wrong arrows, though, so I wanted a chance to switch them… Unfortunately, the monsters just kept coming, and I intended to pick up the items dropped by the abysmal knight first. It died, but so did fifteen other things standing in the same spot, so distinguishing the abysmal knight’s loot from everything else was impossible. The items disappeared before I even made it over there. After I killed all of the monsters on-screen, a game master teleported to me. He apologized for any latency and explained that the server was under maintenance. I didn’t care at all about that… The only problem I had with the server at the moment was the mysterious appearance of so many high level characters without the capacity to level quickly. I walked past the game master without speaking to him. Further into the dungeon, I found the other new game master standing idle. I didn’t speak to him, either.

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