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    by , 11-27-2011 at 02:25 AM (319 Views)
    Last night I had researched about lucid dreaming. I know what it is, but after gathering more information on it, I decided to try it. There were lots of people saying how easy it is to disrupt a lucid dream or turn it into a nightmare (pussies), but I did it anyway. I thought I'd make it a project, for...some time.

    Before falling asleep I practiced a technique I'll call sensory awareness, where you have to make yourself aware of your surroundings so your dreams can become clearer (or something like it). I did this for ten minutes, before marking the letter A on my left hand and leaving an empty book open on the left side of my bed. It only took twenty something minutes before I wasn't awake.

    Hot pursuit. Me and this other random cured this old couple of old age and were getting chased by the police. The now young African guy kissed me on the cheek before him and his girlfriend were in another car, which was now roadblocking our way (llol). We drove onto the foot path with three solie vans facing adjacent to it. They closed the path behind us helping us escape. I kept driving and took a corner where I was out of sight, and walked up a hill next to a staircase into Wellington. I met my friend Aiden who told me how his girlfriend was bitching about him moving house. Nothing apparently made sense, so it's obvious I was dreaming.

    I was at my Mother's house for a short while. I held up a case of video games I found. I remember seeing Metal Gear Solid and some others, and this real violent game labeled 'VB' or something. Usually within my dreams I'll understand something without it being said. Perhaps I was in control. I was soon looking through a spirit guide while she was making dinner. I noticed the lights weren't on, despite seeing (It was meant to be dark but I suppose my mind was being generous). This was one of those dreams of mine that gives me this weird chill down my back, as if the house was haunted (which it was in this dream).

    Naturally curious, I walked into a bathroom not belonging to this house. I walked in and the mood changed. The bathroom was quite airy and everything had this weird blue tinge. I tried 'flicking' a light switch, to see if I was awake. There were about five of these in the same bathroom, to which none of them worked. I then peered into the bathroom mirror to see myself. My face was quite weird looking...I don't know the right words to explain it. My face was disproportionate and pale. Indeed a grotesque contortion. I quickly left as the bathroom was all kinds of fucked up and scary.

    After leaving, I went to the backdoor to feed an animal something (at this point my dream was slowly fading). I was then at my Dad's house. He had his feet spread out, moving side to side like a goalie. I think he was trying to test me or something but soon gave up and told me to take my laptop out the bedroom.


    Then it had ended.

    I shortly woke up, not remembering anything that had happened, but I kept my eyes closed and waited to see if I could remember everything (a technique). A surge of images shortly rushed in and I remember having the dreams. I don't know if I was fully aware of my dreaming state, but I knew it didn't take place till around morning, knowing REM sleep kicks in then. My dreams seemed to be heavily influenced by an artist called Steinvord (search him) I was listening to before sleep, talking to my parents about driving and watching ghost footage and stuff. Dunno aobut the other stuff.

    I had some? control and relatively good recall over my dreams, so I guess it went okay. I give it a rating of maybe four or five out of ten, as it wasn't entirely clear that I was in control. Neither was it clear it was clear. I'll have to try it again another night.

    With added calcium.

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