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    by , 11-28-2011 at 06:22 AM (312 Views)
    I didn't really want to write down my dreams last night as they were quite hard to recall precisely and not lucid at all. But I may as well keep my entry up to date while I wait for a massive computer update -_-.

    Same story, paper on left side of bed, a new A symbol (I try to vary it so its more likely my dream wont remember it) on my left hand and same techniques (I also had a few glasses of milk and a sandwich full of cheese in the last two hours). *I'm willing to do the CAT technique ASAP as I won't bother looking for some work until after I lived my holidays up a bit*. I lay in bad for maybe about ten minutes repeating the same mnemonic. I was pretty tired however and for some reason I think it ruins your chances of LDing.

    From what I recall, I remember being in a mall seeing a friend who I thought I saw in a KFC advert that day. It was probably the shortest part of my dream. Next, I think, I was with some...hand...monster. I don't even remember if it was human. I just vaguely remember it having two hands tented on the top of it's head and being short. I was talking to it all the while trying to study it and make sense of it. While I was dreaming, I had no idea I was at this point. I remember very random parts of working in this...restaurant? But it was so vague I don't know if I can really put it to words.

    I think the last dream I was with some lass from my school. She's kind of nice but I don't know if I would go out with her, but in this dream I was somehow. I remember taking her to a field pass a group of people, losing her, and then rejoining the group behind me, which disappeared and I ended up sitting with another person. I think that's about it, but obvious signs of dreaming were all there. I'm sure people don't move too fast.

    My recall was kind of bad this morning. I just stayed still and tried not to remember anything and let my dreams come to me, which they did, but not until a minute or so maybe. Kind of disappointed but I'm doing and going to be doing everything to experience proper lucid dreaming. Itz awesomez will be of epic proportions.

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