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    1. Unformatted Ramblings

      by , 12-22-2023 at 06:17 AM
      Been laying in bed for hours asleep, but fully aware as though awake.

      I canít feel my body, itís floating weightlessly in space. Thereís a soft wave of energy slowly undulating through me, like the lulling sway of a hammock, but itís inside of me.

      My mind isnít focussed on anything in particular, but thereís a constant feeling of tension that binds me inside my own body. Technically, I can move, but reality seems frozen. Time seems frozen.

      I stare ahead at the door and watch the light move between the cracks as my perceptions distort to my will. I can make them flicker or move in the direction I want. I can make sounds turn off or on.

      Meager control over my perceptions brings me comfort, but still frozen, knowing that itís not real. I can only dream of having control over reality.

      I tell myself that I need to get upÖ Gotta move forward with time because time is moving without me.

      Eventually I get upÖ I check the clock and note that several hours have passed.

      Then indecision binds me again. I donít know what to do. I lay back down after my muscles ache from sitting in one spot for too long.

      This goes on all day. Rinse and repeat.

      I dreamed that my old house was trying to kill me last night. Same old. Iím glad the new one doesnít do that.
    2. Invisibility of The Mind (Training)

      by , 12-16-2023 at 07:39 PM
      Dreamed about having sleep paralysis last night. My dog climbed onto my chest in the dream and started staring and growing at the window where something black started phasing into existence.
      I turned to my significant other and realized it was just a dream my SO suddenly spoke in an amused demonic voice.
      "I can't help you now~"

      I immediately woke myself up from the nightmare, did some emotional grounding, then went back to sleep.

      In the next dream, I took an alternate form and was at an outdoor training facility featuring a round pie-shaped field. Each section had a door to the next, but to reach it, one had to cross that section of the field.

      There were various obstacles in each section and cheats like flight, teleportation etc. were prohibited.
      You had to face what was in the field.

      As I stood at the gate of the first section, I saw a tall black figure standing in the field, motionless, waiting.
      Despite me being in plain sight behind the gate, it didn't see me. It didn't navigate with the usual senses.
      As I stepped past the threshhold of the gate, it noticed and turned towards me (with fluid movement, no walking despite having the appearance of legs).
      So I stepped back out, and it seemed to lose sight of me again.

      Recognizing that it navigated reality through pure consciousness and not perception, I cleared my mind. No emotions, no thoughts, as if I didn't exist, so it wouldn't detect me.
      I re-entered the field with my mind empty and began to move towards the door at the opposite end of the field, just as fluidly as the being. No walking, just floating above the ground in stillness.

      I found more of the same figures in the next chambers, and continued on with the same strategy until it stopped working a few chambers in.
      Maybe it was my inability to hold that state for long enough, or maybe it was that they were getting smarter, I don't know.
      But one of them noticed as I was halfway through the field, unable to make a quick exit no matter which direction I went in.
      As it moved closer, I could feel something warping, pulling, idk how to describe it. This uncomfortable sensation, as if all the blood in my body was being sucked towards the figure.
      I decided to give up the stealth and just sprinted towards the next door in a quick burst. It worked.
      That strategy continued to work in the next room.

      I never made it to the end because I was eventually caught in a field with multiples of the figure. The blood-pulling sensation intensified uncomfortably and I woke myself up before they could touch me.

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