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    1. Forgotten Earth Spirit Temple

      by , 02-19-2024 at 07:31 PM
      I was in a spirit realm (another plane of existence on Earth) where I met a woman (a human spirit) who was distraught over the loss of her loyal animal companion. We were standing outside the gates of a temple that was buried in moss and other plants, causing it to be almost completely hidden in the forest against a mountain.

      "My poor baby is trapped inside, being held prisoner by the malevolent Earth spirit. He's the one this temple was originally made for." the woman told me worriedly as she looked at the temple. "Nobody has worshipped him in thousands of years... They've forgotten his name. He's grown resentful towards humans..." she said as she wiped tears from her eyes. Maybe that was why he stole her companion.

      "I believe I can help you retrieve your companion." I offered, believing the woman (and her companion) shouldn't be punished for the Earth spirit's emotions. I took a moment to tap into the presence of the Earth spirit and realized he wasn't anywhere near the temple. I could see him in my vision gliding through the trees miles away. He looked almost like an ape, capable of climbing through the tops of the forest with ease. For now, he was tending to his duties—whatever those were, I wasn't sure what he was doing exactly, but he was far away from the temple right now.
      "His presence isn't here at the moment, so we could sneak into the temple and get your companion back without him noticing. I sense there won't be much time left before he returns, though, so we have to make it quick." I told her.

      She looked at me with urgent anticipation, nodding at the plan, and smiled at the prospect of getting her companion back.
      But just when she looked like she wanted to do this, she shook her head. "You can't come with me. I have to go alone." she insisted, turning to the temple as if to go on inside.

      I followed her with concern and a bit of confusion. "Huh? I can't come with you? Why's that?"

      She stopped on the path just outside the temple entrance, facing away from me as she collected her bearings, preparing go inside. "Because... He knows he can overpower a human like me... My presence won't be a threat to him if he catches me." she said with fear in her voice. She looked worried and shook her head again. "If he sees you helping me, he'll feel threatened by you. It might send him into a rage and he might hurt my companion to punish me for bringing you into his temple." she told me as she prepared to go into the temple alone, willing to risk herself for any chance of saving her companion.

      I stopped and nodded. "I understand... He might become angry if he sees me in his temple. But... if he catches you alone, you could be imprisoned or destroyed, and both you and your companion will be devastated. I think you should let me help you so I can prevent that from happening." I said gently with concern, not wanting her to risk herself like this.
      "I specialize in invisibility, so it's not likely he'll see me."

      I then looked inside the temple with my mind and realized that it wasn't destroyed on the inside (only the outside). The entrance acted as a portal, leading to the interior of the temple as it once stood in its original glory. Though there was no one inside. Inside, I could see two doors facing opposite from each other, each leading into separate halves of the temple.
      I could tell the Earth spirit had intentionally cloaked which path was the correct one because I couldn't tell which door led to her companion, something I would otherwise be able to sense.
      "...There's two different passageways we need to search. We can cover more ground together. You won't have enough time by yourself." I informed her after looking.

      Hearing this, she came around and agreed, looking more hopeful.
      Without anymore time to waste, we went ahead inside and I phased into my dragon's form upon passing through the portal/doorway.
      My dragon is also a spirit that has its own thoughts and feelings, so we share a body and mind in this form. As soon as I transform into it, I can feel its aloofness and strength becoming part of me. It gives me access to more effective invisibility and other abilities, which I knew I'd need for this task.

      So I took the left door while the woman took the right.

      There were various obstacles in the corridors that I had to maneuver around, starting with security. The walls had paintings and statues that could see anyone who walked passed their line of sight, even someone who's invisible like I was. So I used my dragon's enhanced perception to see their sight paths and carefully flew under and above them to avoid their eyes. My dragon doesn't have wings, but flies telepathically in smooth motion, so this part was easy.

      The first room had servitors I had to dismantle. Unfortunately I can't remember much detail, but basically proceeded to continue sliding past security (sometimes breaking the statues), fighting guards, and going through all sorts of obstacles as I searched through the temple for the woman's companion.

      I eventually found the animal companion, which was a friendly dog spirit that was trapped and corrupted by a harness that made it loyal to the Earth spirit. It attacked me at first, but I managed to remove the corruption and the dog became incredibly happy to see me. I communicated my intentions to reunite the two of them and it followed me as I guided it back towards the entrance, hoping the Earth spirit wouldn't show up, but I could feel his presence returning to the temple... Shit.

      He appeared in an ape-like form, growling as he sensed someone had entered his temple.
      I tried to stay invisible, which worked. He couldn't see me. However, he saw the dog spirit running loose through his temple and quickly ran after it.
      Invisible, I was trying to guide the dog to the exit without being seen by the Earth spirit following close behind. There were a few close calls where the Earth spirit almost touched me, which would break my invisibility in an instant if he did. But I managed to slip by.

      Not for long though. The Earth spirit realized the dog was seeing something he couldn't (me) and followed the dog's line of sight, looking straight at me. He focused his sights on me, allowing him to see through my invisibility.
      I was caught and suddenly filled with worry that he would kill the dog in an outrage like the woman said he would.
      I quickly communicated to him my intentions, apologizing for intruding in his temple, and trying not to anger him further.

      But then he stopped being angry. He communicated back to me that his anger towards humanity had slowly eroded over time, and his anger gradually faded.

      He let me take the dog. I brought it outside and the woman came out, too, hugging her companion. She was surprised and relieved that the Earth spirit freed her companion.
      We both looked at the temple, which had been eroded by time, broken down into ruins that had been already consumed by the Earth.

      The dream ended and I laid asleep in bed with dreamless sleep for a while, enjoying the quiet.

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    2. Training Psychological Fortitude With a Demon

      by , 02-12-2024 at 10:52 PM
      Disclaimer: This dream journal is about sleep paralysis/demon encounters. I want to clarify that sleep paralysis and intense nightmares like mine aren't normal, nothing about this is normal. I don't recommend that anyone attempt to do this. I've been dealing with SP and demon encounters for over 20 years. It's not something to take lightly or recommend, this is just my own very personal dream life that I'm sharing.

      I also want to point out that there's a lot of misinformation in the LD community about LDs causing sleep paralysis, despite how useful LDs are at combatting SP. lucid dreaming didn't cause my SP. Rather, lucidity is the way I've learned how to get out of SP/nightmares and this dream shows how.


      As I fell asleep consciously, I felt a demon's claws sinking into my back. Its nails brought an uncanny electrical sensation through my spine, as if a poison was being injected into my spinal cord directly, shooting straight through my nervous system to the rest of my body. This caused waves of pain with occassionally intense spikes, growing more and more intense by the moment. It was dreadful.

      The demon was standing behind me (I normally sleep on my side). I don't know if I was paralyzed because I didn't try to move. My goal was to combat this mentally through calm meditation, not physical struggling.

      I already know how to break SP with physical movement, and that's not what I wanted to do here. This was a planned encounter. I invited a demon to induce SP.

      "This is fine. Keep going." I thought in my mind, wanting the demon to continue as I practiced my mental fortitude to combat the feeling, mentally wrestling with it and pushing it out of my mind. It was overwhelming, but I kept going.

      The demon cranked the pain up a tenfold. I started getting severe spikes of pain going through my nervous system every few seconds, increasing in frequency. I stayed calm and still didn't react despite the pain.

      I've been inviting this demon to come visit me in my sleep for a few weeks now. Why? Because I'm stagnating, I've exhausted my the resources of my personal dreamwork and I can't figure out how to push myself any other way... I need to grow, I have to keep going. My life is a mess right now and I'm desperate to become stronger so I can deal with it.

      The demon stopped after a while, since it wasn't breaking me. I felt its energy fade, and I too was fading into a dreamed version of my bedroom. The color of the walls, lighting, and layout of the house slowly changed in the emergence of the dreamscape. I was still technically my house, just an altered version of it.

      I felt an uneasy presence in the room and knew the demon was still standing somewhere nearbby watching me, invisible and waiting.

      I decided to walk out into the livingroom. This part I'm not going to share because it's too personal, but one of my insecurities manifested in the next dream scene of loved ones yelling at me, and it quickly snowballed. My calm demeanor slipped as I felt my mind spiral out of control from the insecurities. I was upset. In that moment of clouded thinking, I actually lost my lucidity.

      This was not normal. It's rare for me to lose lucidity when I'm upset. This went on for a few minutes before I regained my lucidity. Being upset normally triggers lucidity for me, so I got it back pretty quickly.

      I felt the demon laughing at me, though, and realized it did that on purpose. Impressive, I thought, but I was still freaked out. I realized that this demon had found one of my weakness. It couldn't get me with sleep paralysis and pain, so it had (successfully) targeted a psychological weakness instead.

      Challenge accepted.

      I quickly walked into another room, intending to change the dream scene to get myself out of that negative emotional state. If I could calm down, I could regain control and prevent the demon from weakening me any further.
      This was kind of thrilling, I have to admit. I like playing these mental games, and learning from my mistakes.

      I suddenly woke up for seemingly no reason, which is unusual for me. I typically always have a reason for waking up, whether because of an alarm, the natural end of a dream, a nightmare, or my own intention to awake... I don't just 'randomly' wake up from my dreams.

      So I sat up in bed, unaware that this was a false awakening, which is AGAIN unusual for me. I haven't fallen for an FA in a while, yet this time, I really thought I was awake.

      Now nonlucid dreaming, I walked back out into the livingroom and ANOTHER one of my insecurities manifested. Some of my personal embarrassing text messages were revealed to people I didn't want to share them with! Thinking it was really happening, I was mortified. But then I became lucid again (since negative emotions normally trigger lucidity for me) and was incredibly relieved that this embarrassing moment wasn't actually happening.

      The demon was laughing at me pretty hard though. I knew it had tricked me into having an FA and being nonlucid.
      I suddenly woke up again. The demon was trying it's trick a second time.
      "No. Not this time~" I told myself, laughing maniacally.
      Fooled me once, shame on me...

      I was kind of unsure though, so I did a reality check and it failed. My hands were solid.
      Whatever. I don't trust reality checks anyway, so I wasn't nonlucid just yet.
      I tried to use dream control next, going to fly upwards towards the wall. Normally my dream control works, but this failed too.

      "Huh... " I thought, starting to believe I might actually be awake...
      Reality checks and dream control can fail, though, I thought, so I still wasn't fully sold on this being waking reality. I was really thinking hard on this one.
      Could still be a dream.
      I was determined to not be tricked again and I was pretty sure that my uncertainty meant this was for sure a dream.
      What a puzzle.
      I normally ALWAYS know when I'm dreaming, so this was... really weird.
      The weirdness of it alone made me even more suspicious.

      I proceeded to have several more false awakenings, over and over again. Sometimes I knew it was a dream, and other times I wasn't sure, but I felt like the demon was flipping a light switch back and fourth repeatedly trying to break my lucidity.

      "Mother-" I cursed and laughed.

      Normally I'd be fine continuing this game, it was fun, but I knew I had to get up early in the morning and didn't want my sleep quality to be obliterated tonight (lucidity doesn't affect my sleep quality, but nightmares like this can when they go on for too long).

      So I decided I was going to end this by waking myself up.

      First, I found an alter for the demon in the dreamscape (which had offerings on it). "Thank you, that was impressive. No hard feelings~" I said to the demon as I destroyed the alter, shoving the whole thing off the table and breaking the artifacts.

      Then I woke myself up (for real). I checked the physical reality clock and realized... That whole thing only lasted an hour?!

      It felt like 4+ hours had gone by, so I was shocked. This is also unusual of for me, since I've specifically trained myself to not experience time dilation (I don't like when my time perception in dreams doesn't match waking reality).

      I reached for the protective pendant I keep on my desk (which keeps demons away, but I had intentionally taken it off before bed as an invitation). It was shoved under my photography lightbox for some reason, kind of wedged under there (not where I put it, but ok). I was going to put it on when I realized the chain was torn off.

      This was in waking reality. I searched high and low for the necklace chain. I found the chain on the floor and put my pendant on, did some other protection stuff in the room, and went back to sleep.
      Had normal dreams for the rest of the night.

      Final note: this dream happened the night before last.

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