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    Ethan & Aliens

    by , 05-13-2022 at 11:01 PM (249 Views)
    Followed a biologist named Ethan to an alien planet. Him and a group of researchers set up a base of operations to study the native wildlife. There was a slothlike creature that he was creating a 3-D model of (they recorded many different animals and plants). They brought a dog with them and whenever I went near the dog, I started levitating. At some point I asked whether there was something causing me to levitate around the dog or if it was a dream thing. Suddenly all of them looked at me demonically and I got scared and either woke up or got a false awakening.

    This hasnít happened to me in a while. I think maybe I broke immersion too harshly and spooked myself.

    It was a fun dream though so I decided to go back into it with WILD.

    I reappeared in a futuristic version of Earth in which many years had passed. Everything was tightly controlled and monitored. People werenít allowed to communicate without a device listening and tracking them. The government kept tabs on everything people said.

    I decided to look for Ethan. After messing around with my phone a bit, but deciding the phone wasnít worth it because of the tracking, I looked for him in person. I found him in a truck parked in an alleyway, and told him I could break him out.

    He didnít want to be freed, though. He was worried about the government catching him. Turns out they were following me anyway. They already knew.

    So (in my dream dragon form) I grabbed him and flew out of the building.

    Outside, there was a shore and what looked like ocean. I started flying over the water in a random direction until I saw some land. An escape, I thought.

    I thought we were making it out, but then I realized they had cows on a boat heading in that direction. We were heading straight for a slaughterhouse.

    I realized in that moment that there was nothing out here. The whole world head been reduced to this one island and section of ocean.

    I was still being followed and they were laughing their butts off at the fact I was going straight for the slaughterhouse. I turned back and was captured. I didnít want anything to do with the void beyond the ocean, so I just let them take me back.

    I then journaled this dream inside the dream and then woke at 5:09 AM real time (checked clock).

    I went back to sleep and re-entered the dream again, back to being caught.

    I donít think much happened but they brought me back inside and seemed like they werenít sure what to do with me. They knew what I was and that I wouldnít be here long. Eventually I woke up again to 7:00 alarm.

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