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    New Opinions on Astral Projection

    by , 11-30-2022 at 02:37 AM (370 Views)
    After years of regarding my dreams as nothing more than dreams, I started looking into astral projection and spiritual beliefs. I've been reading books, listening to other people's experiences, and running personal experiments (with the help of my significant other).

    I'm now feeling more at home with it. I've reshaped my understanding of what it means to be real, which leads me to believe that AP is undeniable.

    All our experiences (both dreams and waking) are filtered through our limited human perceptions, but consciousness isn't limited by perception.
    How I came to terms with this:
    - It's when you can feel the tension in a room after a fight takes place, even though you weren't there to witness it and may have no knowledge that it happened.
    - When you don't hear a dog bark in your dream, but the sound somehow wakes you up.
    - When in a dreamless state, you can be aware of changes in your surroundings, despite having no physical or mental perceptions of them.

    I now believe that our consciousness isn't limited to our perceptions and neither is the universe. We can make the choice to find other ways to navigate the unperceivable aspects of reality, or ignore it.
    So personally, I've chosen to be as aware as possible, even of the things I can't perceive.

    This is where dreams and astral projection come in, providing a way to translate pure awareness into readable perceptions. Sometimes things can get lost in translation, but the more you practice and detach yourself from your own personal biases, the more you can perceive the things we wouldn't normally have access to.

    Anyway, I know some people aren't into this sort of thing and respect that. I don't plan on putting much of this type of content on here.
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    1. Xanous's Avatar
      Good thoughts. I used to call AP BS but I am more agnostic about it now. I certainly think its possible.
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