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    No Outside

    by , 08-01-2022 at 11:56 PM (209 Views)
    I was in a building with several families on it. They shared rooms with tapestries separating them for privacy. Nobody worked and everyone seemed pretty happy with their lifestyles, despite having never gone outside. Many generations were born into these communities. They were comfy and didn't have much in the way of crime (at least in the community I was investigating).

    There were other buildings like this with other similar communities of families living in them. If residents wanted outside contact, they could get in touch with the other communities using computerized drones.

    Sometimes people would transfer between communities, but it was a big deal to do this. That's what they assumed I came from, though nobody seemed interested in asking me anything about the details of my whereabouts. They were just friendly and interested in the new addition to the community. I was well-liked.

    The computers and drones kept records, maintained society, and brought in supplies. They provided everything.
    Nobody questioned the drones either. They simply regarded them as helpers and protection.

    One of the hallways had no lights, so it would appear dark when you looked down the hallway.
    I noticed a portal in the dark (it wasn't invisible, just an energy field I could feel). Going through it, I found that the portal led to another connected building identical to this one, but with different people in it.

    I can't remember if it was just me that could use this portal, or if the residents knew about it.

    There was also a door that led outside. I asked one of the residents about it. They expressed sharp disapproval and acted like I was crazy to even think about going outside, telling me there was nothing outside.

    The drones will shoot you dead anyway, they told me.
    Yet these drones were protecting them? From what?

    I went outside when no one was looking.

    Upon stepping through the door, I found myself standing in an empty parking garage.
    There were drones patrolling the area. I turned into my dragon and went invisible so they wouldn't shoot.

    There was a light coming from one of the car ramps leading down below. I already knew what it was before I saw it, but I went down to investigate anyway.

    Sure enough, that's where the universe ended. Everything surrounding this building and the garage was a white void.

    There really was nothing outside. Literally.

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