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    Plane Crash

    by , 11-30-2022 at 12:00 AM (71 Views)
    Normally I get up to go to the bathroom, but on my way, I smashed into a sharp corner of my wall last night (not dreaming, this happened in waking life).
    My face was bruished, bleeding, and my significant other woke up in a panic. I assured her it was fine, just kinda hurts, and thought to myself "I don't want this to ruin my WBTB."

    It did not!

    I went on to have a few hours of borefest lucid dreams. I made rice and some other foods in the dream, but had no pesto for it so was very disappointed. I spent the rest of the dream trying to find something else to eat.

    But then I hopped on a plane, chatted with the pilot, and found out that someone sabotaged the plane to cause a crash.

    There weren't many people on board, and they didn't act like normal civilians. The whole thing was a set up to identify and flush me out. They knew I'd use my abilities to escape the plane crash.

    Everyone else already seemed to have a plan and escaped easily with parachutes as the plane started to tip over. This all happened in seconds. As the nose went down, the plane plummeted faster and the pressure pulled me back.

    One woman was at the escape door as if she'd been waiting for me, irritated that I was taking my preciously sweet time to evacuate. She left as soon as I followed. There was only a split second of time left and I climbed out just in time.

    As I free fell out of the plane, I transformed into my dragon and took to the skies, looking down at the mountains and a plume of smoke that billowed out of the crash.
    I flew down to investigate and look for the people who had been on board. I found them, and they were fine. Then I woke up in morning.

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