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    Tented City Apocalypse

    by , 09-20-2023 at 04:26 PM (146 Views)
    This dream was not the most interesting. Normally I donít bother writing these down, but wanted to touch up on my recall.


    Post apocalypse, me and a group of people drove away from our home town to escape an apocalypse.

    Most of us didnít know each other because we had just narrowly escaped disaster by squeezing into this vehicle last second.

    There were three men, a newborn infant (belonged to one of the men), and a woman who was driving.

    As we drove, we spotted a store that still had its lights on (not sure how because nowhere else had power) and wasnít reduced to a pile of rubble like the buildings around it.

    So we pulled over. It was a Disney giftshop of all things.

    Turns out that despite everyone dying in the apocalypse and buildings going up in flames, Disney kept up with regular business hours.

    The employees all acted like there was nothing going on outside.

    They still took cash, even though money was pretty much useless now because of the apocalypse.

    So we went in to purchase some supplies for the baby, which felt like a surreal contrast with how the world was outside.

    Then we got back into the car and drove off, eventually reaching a city that appeared to be abandoned.

    In this city, the buildings were all eerily covered in black and white striped fumigation tents.

    We got out if the car because several of the guys wanted to stay here for the night, so we all stepped out and talked about our plans, speculating about why everything was tented.

    An disagreement ensued because the woman wanted to leave, but her decision was outnumbered because everyone else wanted to stay.

    The problem with splitting up the group was who got to take the car (the city had no cars in it, or they were under the tents).

    Eventually the disagreement turned into politics (go figure) and got heated. I ended it by going with the woman and leaving everyone else with the car (turns out she just didnít want to go alone, so she agreed to this setup).

    So we set out on foot into the wilderness. The woman walked ahead of me and suddenly transformed into a wolfdog.

    I was surprised because I didnít expect her to have this ability, which I also have (guess we had more in common than I realized). So I turned into a wolf and ran after her through the forest. This made it easier to follow her because of my heightened sense of smell.

    Thatís all I remember for this one.

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