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    Tick Buddy

    by , 06-24-2023 at 06:07 PM (330 Views)
    From a draft I wrote on 06/21/2023.
    Warning: gross.

    Lucid dreamed that I befriended a parasitic bloodsucking tic. He was really sweet, actually! So naturally, like friends do, I let him suck my blood.
    I figured, you know, it's a dream. No biggie. I was only able to handle it for 15 mins though. I told tick buddy I was done and he got off me. I asked if he wanted help finding another host, feeling bad that I quit so early. He was all engorged and couldnít move on his own, because he was a tic, but he needed more blood to survive.

    So me, tick buddy, and a brooding anime side character went on a small adventure to find a new blood host.

    Yes, there was this lone wolf brooding anime guy with blond spiky hair who kept hanging around in the background, because he was a background character. I thought it was hilarious, so I went up and pestered him with questions like "Hey, what you think'n about? What's your backstory? Is it dramatic?"

    Every time I went up to him, I turned into an anime girl.

    Also everywhere he went, there was a fullmoon in his backdrop to make him look extra brooding.

    He told me to go away. ďYouíre not supposed to know my backstory! Itíll ruin the mystery. Iím mysterious!Ē he said when I asked for details. He said ďNo! Iím supposed go be a background character! Go back to the main plot!Ē

    So I did eventually go back to helping tick buddy find an unsuspecting new victim. We walked into a grocery store full of potential humans full of blood.
    Why it had to be human, IDK. But I put tick buddy on a sandwich and told a random stranger that I'd buy it for him.
    He was confused about why he was getting a free sandwich, but didnít say no. I distracted him with pleasant conversation, he probably thought I was hitting on him. Whoops.

    So we all stood in line with the sandwich, giving our tick friend enough time to crawl his fat engorged self from the sandwich onto the new host while I kept him talking and engaged with me.
    New host almost took a bite out of the sandwich while we were standing there, but I stopped him, reminding him that he was still in line. Canít eat it until you leave the store, silly~

    Tick buddy was relieved, because he almost got eaten.

    I looked over at anime guy while we were in the store and laughed because that full moon backdrop was in the store. In broad daylight, too. No matter where he went or what time of day it was, it would look like he was standing in a forest with a full moon at night behind him.

    Thatís it.
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      This whole thing is so funny XD
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