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    by , 12-22-2023 at 06:17 AM (152 Views)
    Been laying in bed for hours asleep, but fully aware as though awake.

    I canít feel my body, itís floating weightlessly in space. Thereís a soft wave of energy slowly undulating through me, like the lulling sway of a hammock, but itís inside of me.

    My mind isnít focussed on anything in particular, but thereís a constant feeling of tension that binds me inside my own body. Technically, I can move, but reality seems frozen. Time seems frozen.

    I stare ahead at the door and watch the light move between the cracks as my perceptions distort to my will. I can make them flicker or move in the direction I want. I can make sounds turn off or on.

    Meager control over my perceptions brings me comfort, but still frozen, knowing that itís not real. I can only dream of having control over reality.

    I tell myself that I need to get upÖ Gotta move forward with time because time is moving without me.

    Eventually I get upÖ I check the clock and note that several hours have passed.

    Then indecision binds me again. I donít know what to do. I lay back down after my muscles ache from sitting in one spot for too long.

    This goes on all day. Rinse and repeat.

    I dreamed that my old house was trying to kill me last night. Same old. Iím glad the new one doesnít do that.

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